Role of Business Analytics Course in Career Growth

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Role of Business Analytics Course in Career Growth

Future Ready Career Path with IIM Trichy’s Business Analytics and Application Programme

The coronavirus effect on global economic sentiment, Business Analysts needs to emerger stronger from the pandemic. Even though the global economy has tempered, but expectations remain positive. Throughout 2021, executives’ outlook on the global economy has been fueling optimistically. Business Analytics is driving new heights in recent times, by becoming a key tool that guides major business decisions. 

Business Intelligence (BI) is developing at a rapid pace. It enables easy to use, streamlined workflows and predictive patterns. Many experts are predicting the growth of digital BI in today’s competitive world becoming a part of a broad spectrum in the upcoming years. 

As per the latest stats, The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for business analysts to increase 14% by 2024. This is one of the highest average percentages among growing occupations.

To keep up with the rising unmet demand to bridge the talent gap, IIM Trichy brings PG Certification Programme in Business Analytics and Application

Thinking about launching a career in Business Analytics?

Professionals can now effortlessly scale up their careers in Business Analytics. IIM Trichy BAA Programme is curated to fill in the participant’s knowledge gap with the latest industry know-how. They will learn how to use data as a base and turn it into insights for leveraging business growth. 

The programme focuses on a framework for transforming data into business acumen to enable quality deliverables. Professionals can seamlessly decrypt hordes of data at ease. With the help of business analytics, businesses can make giant leaps in their performance and growth.

Whether you are fresh graduates or working professionals looking to get a head start in their career, or mid or senior-level professionals who are looking to transform their careers in Business Analytics can also enroll for IIM Trichy’s BAA programme

Let’s take a close look at the career growth prospect after IIM Trichy BAA Programme.

In-Demand Career Paths in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a reservoir of opportunities to take one’s career to the next level. Gaining knowledge, proficiency, and experience will allow the participants to build their careers in the following fields in Data:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analysis Scientist
  • Business Analyst Manager
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Business Analyst

The above career paths are astonishingly rising in the new normal. Professionals or aspirants can upskill or reskill themselves with one of the Top B Schools in India, IIM Trichy’s PG Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications.  

Learners will get exposure to the pool of promising career paths which will be rewarding, challenging and highly flexible.

High-End Pay Scale

The progress into the digital age aids in the exponential development of new-age technologies and tools. Business Analytics is one of the most secured job roles in recent times as the demand is rising at rapid strides.

A report from Glassdoor states, that “The national average salary for a Business Analytics is ₹10,07,686 per year in India.”

Source- Salary: Business Analytics (for reference only, do not link in blog)

The experienced professionals in these spaces are paid handsomely depending on their experience levels the salary slab increases. As per the insights on Payscale, Senior Business Analyst earns Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 17 lakhs in a year. 

Drive Difference with Rigours Pedagogy

The programme curriculum will be a mix of lectures, case-based discussions and hands-on training. IIM Trichy believes in strengths base development, all participants will receive mentorship and problem-solving opportunities with their eminent faculty body. Students will learn popular Business Analytics tools such as R, Python, Power BI, AI and ML, Tableau, SPSS, Microsoft Excel, from IIM Trichy’s expert faculty. 

The Business Analytics certificate is in hybrid mode with modules delivered in asynchronous learning mode and two in-campus modules. The lectures will be spread over 45 weeks with 3 hours of contact time per week. Those students who completes the PG Certificate programme in Business Analytics and Applications will be awarded the most prestigious Alumni membership from IIM Trichy. This entitles them with a prestigious alumnus tag.

Wrapping Up

The future trends in business analytics are all part of an evolving model, which will direct the progression of modern businesses. With the help of business analytics, reap enormous advantages on improving strategy, monitoring and financial performance model. Thus, resulting in multiple client engagements and career growth.

Business Analytics as a career field has expanded exponentially and is constantly growing. Professionals who want to make the most in this data-driven business world must join IIM Trichy’s PG Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications. 

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