Recovering from Great Attrition: Strategic Human Resource Management

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Companies become successful when their teams work towards common goals and objectives. They follow the same passion and contribute towards it. Every month or year, some employees resign, some retire, and some are laid off by the companies for various reasons. These employees are then replaced with new employees. However, replacing employees is not an easy task. It follows a proper structure and strategies on how to hire the right candidates, analyze the performance and their commitment towards the company’s goals, and various other factors. To smoothen the process, the Strategic Human Resource Management Programme comes into play. 

Strategic Human Resource Management Programme is one of the best HR Certification Courses for an individual or a working professional. The programme is designed to help professionals learn about Human Resource Management, know the linkage between HR plans and strategies, learn the integration of HR strategies and corporate planning. The programme helps you hire the right people and maintain the decorum of the company. 

Let us look at the objectives of the Strategic Human Resource Management and analyze how the programme can help you recover the great attrition in the concept: 

  • Dynamic Business Environment

The Strategic Human Resource Management Programme is the best HR course that will help you create a dynamic business environment in your organization to maintain a good culture. It will help you challenge and analyze the various strategies that you can use to maintain a good culture for your employees. 

  • Goals and objectives

The programme offered by the IIM Trichy helps HR managers to focus and align their interests on the objectives and goals of the organization. It further also helps them determine the right candidates for the job role that can contribute to the goals and objectives of the company. 

  • Dimensions of HRM

The Strategic Human Resource Management Programme helps working professionals to develop skills that strategically align with the different functional dimensions of Human Resource Management. It requires a proper and strategic plan for the alignment but works well if paired with the HR Management Courses


  • Models and Frameworks

The Strategic Human Resource Management Programme helps you understand the theoretical aspects of the various frameworks and models in the programme. These models and frameworks help you identify a similar situation in the company that you assess and find a solution to. These aspects can be used practically within the organization based on the system. 

  • Smooth Business Operations

The HR courses for working professionals provide infinite opportunities to students who want to make a career in this field. It develops the people-centric approach and strategic thinking that contributes to the smooth business operations that lead to the growth of the business. 

  • Modules

The Strategic Human Resource Management Programme is divided into eight modules. This includes various topics such as corporate strategies, business strategies, integrations, the role of the HR managers, understanding strategic management, and operational human resource management. 

  • Course content

The content of the Strategic Human Resource Management Program includes strategic alignment of the HR Information System, managing organizations and people, foundations of HRM, SHRM frameworks, strategic alignment of the Ethics and CSR, talent management, environmental conditions in organizations, managing the SHRM for internationalization, employee value, culture, hiring process, employer branding, employee relations, IR, training & development, and many more. 

The Strategic Human Resource Management Programme is one of the best certification courses for HR professionals. It allows you to study and work at the same time and recover from the great attrition and hire the right people for the team. This HR certification helps you prepare a plan, strategize and implement them in the proper manner. The mode of the program is online. It means that all the working professionals can study the course from anywhere. It helps to develop more skills, knowledge, and practical learning from the course that professionals can use in their real life.

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