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Every leader has a distinct approach to dealing with a crisis, and what sets successful leaders apart from the others is how they lead in the face of adversity, convert challenges into opportunities, and navigate the path ahead for their employees.

Only 10% of people are born leaders, with the remaining 20% displaying fundamental managerial skills that can be developed into high-quality leadership. While 83 percent of businesses believe it is critical to creating leaders at all levels of the firm.

Manipal University has produced some of the top leaders in the world, who lead their organisations with dignity and pride. Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) was founded in 1953 as a private deemed university. The institution includes campuses in Mangalore, Bangalore, Jaipur, Malacca, and Dubai, and it ranked 7th among Indian universities, offering more than 350 programmes in 30 fields.

Here is a list of some of Manipal University’s most illustrious alumni:

Mr. Satya Nadella earned his bachelor’s degree in BE (Electronics & Communication) from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, in 1988. In 2014, he was named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft Corporation, leading a firm worth $80 billion and employing over 100,000 people.

Banmali Agrawala joined TSL as President, Infrastructure, Defense, and Aerospace in October 2017. He graduated from the Manipal Institute of Technology and is a Manipal alumnus.

Rajeev Suri received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Manipal Institute of Technology in 1986 in BE (Electronics & Communication Engineering). Nokia Siemens Networks appointed him as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Shri M. G. George Muthoot, a Manipal Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering graduate. In 1979, he became the Managing Director of The Muthoot Group at a fairly young age. In 1993, he took over as Chairman of the Muthoot Group.

Vikas Khanna bagged his bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management in 1994 from Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration. He is a Michelin-starred Indian chef who has won numerous awards.

Be the NEXT Leader with Manipal University, Jaipur

When it comes to leadership, it’s not just about a person’s job title. Individuals are defined as leaders by the behaviors they exhibit and the activities they inspire. Leadership is a skill, not a function; the best leaders recognise this and work to improve and evolve.

Manipal aspires to develop leaders who can take their organisations to new heights. The Manipal University Online MBA programme is created for working individuals who want to prepare for a successful leadership career with a UGC-accredited online MBA programme from India’s #1 online MBA institution, Manipal University. The ability to polish your industry knowledge and network with like-minded people who are continually trying to become future leaders is provided by the online MBA programme. Professionals can specialise in new-age electives and develop market-relevant skills. This interactive curriculum emphasises self-paced learning through live online lectures, self-study materials, and other resources.

The coursework for Manipal University’s Online MBA Programme includes interesting fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, and retail, among others, to enhance synchronised learning at your own speed.

With the programme, participants will be able to delve deeper into strategic thinking and obtain knowledge of an advanced digital learning platform intended for immersive learning. The curriculum will prepare students to handle real-world business difficulties and to use contemporary entrepreneurial abilities.

Visit the Online MBA programme page to learn more about the programme modules and qualifying criteria for national and international students. Defense personnel, government officials, differently-abled persons, and meritorious students are also eligible for scholarships at Manipal. To help fund education, no-cost EMI is also available.

Discover insights about Manipal University

Manipal Education and Medical Group established Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) as a self-financed State University in 2011 after receiving an invitation from the Rajasthan Government. With the Manipal way of learning, academic excellence in the region was redefined; one that empowers students of all disciplines to learn and innovate through practical, hands-on experience.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) authorised MUJ to provide online degree programmes (MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA) beginning in April 2021, and the first cohort began classes in April 2021. In addition, beginning in December 2021, the university will offer online B Com, M Com, and MA JMC programmes.


  • Is getting an Online MBA a difficult task?

Online MBAs are demanding in nature, but not impossible. Many prospective students wonder if an MBA is too difficult for them. “Most likely not,” is the simple answer. However, as you’ll likely learn during your MBA, your attitude accounts for more than half of your professional performance.

  • How can I figure out which Online MBA Programme is best for me?

You can choose from a number of MBA specialisations on any continent based on your prior expertise and business profile, the location of your firm, and your willingness to travel. You can choose from remote learning, online MBA programmes, or a part-time study track, depending on your employment objectives and how intensive you want your education to be over the next 18 to 24 months.

  • How important is my professional background in the admissions process?

The most important components of your application are your company experience and current position with high-level managerial responsibilities. Business schools are interested in your company’s profile and market competitiveness, as evidenced by your management results in the field.

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