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Understanding the data, market trends, and rivals is critical in today’s business world, which is becoming increasingly competitive day by day. The only way to do so is to use the appropriate set of business analytical tools. People with Business Analytics skills are capable of making well-informed decisions and are considered successful. Business Analytics Courses can be extremely essential in learning Business Analytics skills. Candidates can apply the skills learned in the Business Analytics Certification to make well-informed decisions.

Many B-Schools have recently started offering Business Statistics and Business Analytics Courses to help students develop their analytical skills, recognizing the importance of Business Analytics. The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications by IIM Trichy. is one such course that focuses on business analytics elements like Business Statistics, data science, financial analysis, etc.

Introduction to Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a field that focuses on assisting organizations in making data-driven decisions. It’s a form of statistical analysis that focuses on producing actionable recommendations. Business Analysts focus on how to put the data insights they’ve gathered to good use. Their goal is to make well-informed business and analytical decisions. 

Business Statistics is a critical element of the Business Analytics course that is used by organizations to understand data and progressions. It is a subset of statistics that can be applied to financial analysis, quality, financial analysis, operations, production, etc.

Application of Business Statistics

Following are a few applications of statistics in business:

  • In marketing, statistics are used to discover market trends, as well as to monitor and evaluate the potential and performance of marketing campaigns. The key to successful marketing is to precisely identify the target market and then reach out to them through effective marketing communications channels and methods, this can easily be done using Business Statistics.
  • Statistical data aid decision-making in the financial sector. It aids in the comprehension of a company’s financial situation and growth. Analysts can use Business Statistics to determine a company’s income, earnings, and revenue-generating capacity.

Therefore, Business Analytics and Statistics is essential for any organization, so having professional knowledge in this field opens doors to various career options. 

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Explore Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications by IIM Trichy

Deep data analytics are required by businesses to make quality decisions based on strong concepts. Recognizing the relevance of Business Analytics, IIM Trichy, a famous B-School, launched a Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications that focuses on providing students with the ability to gain meaningful insights from data to make well-informed decisions. Business statistics and analytics offers important insights to help managers enhance business planning and future performance by utilizing statistical, predictive, optimization, and simulation models. The PG Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications- IIM Trichy focuses on providing a framework for transforming data into business acumen so that excellent deliverables are produced.

Highlights of the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications

There are numerous notable highlights of PG Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications:

  • After completing the course, students will be able to employ a variety of analytical techniques.
  • Students will obtain a postgraduate degree and alumni status from IIM Trichy after completing the Business Analytics certification.
  • The Business Analytics course uses case-study based learning methodologies to follow an industry-oriented curriculum.
  • The program includes a four-day campus visit to IIM Trichy.
  • The entire course is delivered via a convenient D2D learning format, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their own homes.
  • To encourage peer engagement, students are required to submit multiple group projects as well as a project assignment.
  • Students have access to a network of industry professionals and IIM Trichy alumni to help them improve their analytical skills.



Business Analytics is a technique for determining an organization’s long-term objectives. It makes use of historical data to create a trend and forecast a company’s future growth. As a result, it is critical in any organization. Students interested in pursuing a career in Business Statistics and Analytics should apply to IIM Trichy’s Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications.

Working professionals and aspiring business analysts who want to strengthen their analytical skills should enrol in this course. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of work experience who want to master Business Statistics, Business Analytics, and its business applications should apply for the Business Analytics Course.


  1. What is eligibility for the Business Analytics course?

Candidates with a graduation degree from a recognized university and at least 1 year of work experience are eligible to apply for IIM Trichy’s PG Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications.

  1. What is the Business Analytics course duration?

The Business Analytics course is a 13-months D2D course, which involves 4 days of IIM Trichy campus visit.

  1. How can I join a Business Analytics and Applications Course?

Candidates must apply for the PG Certificate Program in Business Analytics and Applications by filling up an online form. Selection will be made on the basis of the profile.

  1. What are the benefits of pursuing a Business Analytics course in India?

IIM Trichy’s Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications has a number of advantages.

  • Networking
  • Job prospects
  • Industry-oriented curriculum
  • Practice analytical tools using practical models of learning


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