How to Leverage AI in Marketing?


AI marketing is gaining traction as a popular marketing strategy using Artificial Intelligence, helping businesses get insights into their customer’s behavior to create better content and drive positive conversion. AI-guided marketing assets are optimized and personalized for the customer journey. Content production, chatbots and tailored are some examples of such AI tools. Marketers utilize marketing intelligence to gather data and understand client behavior and analyze this information to help a company achieve its goals. AI in marketing can even contact clients to do a specific action on a business’s website, like liking a social media post, clicking a button, and more.

The use of AI for marketing is a recent trend, and most businesses have adopted this tool to understand client or customer behavior, thereby utilizing this information to better their experience. It has been observed that its usage has increased among small, medium as well as large businesses.

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Leveraging AI in Marketing Insights

AI benefits businesses in processing data in large volumes faster and more accurately. AI can analyze large volumes of data using machine learning algorithms to spot patterns and insights which humans find difficult or impossible to discover. Based on data-driven insights, firms may make educated decisions regarding their marketing initiatives.

There are several ways to leverage AI in marketing, as segmented below.

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  • Real-Time Analysis

In the modern-day scenario, businesses can only be successful when they can optimally respond to changing customer behavior and market conditions. This is where real-time analysis powered by artificial intelligence comes into play. A company can make quick choices and take action by analyzing data and deriving insights in real time. AI can help businesses to analyze large volumes of data to detect patterns and trends that might otherwise go unreported. Data from website traffic, social media, customer interactions and other sources are all included. With AI-enabled real-time analysis, businesses can immediately acquire valuable knowledge on the effectiveness of marketing efforts, market trends and consumer behavior.

An example of real-time analysis in businesses is the use of AI-driven chatbots. Chatbots may analyze client inquiries rapidly and deliver personalized replies in real-time, decreasing response times and subsequently increasing customer satisfaction.

Leveraging AI in Marketing


  • Personalization

Personalization with the help of AI, allows businesses to tailor their marketing strategies to every customer. Leveraging AI can help personalize marketing campaigns to engage more customers and convert them. There are many forms of AI-powered personalization. This includes targeted advertising, product recommendations and personalized emails. With the help of AI algorithms, ventures can figure out a customer’s purchase history and browsing attitude to suggest services and products they can resonate with. Not only it helps companies increase their sales, but also it leads to better customer experience. Artificial intelligence-enabled personalization is a powerful way of increasing a company’s online presence.

Netflix is one example of a business that leverages AI for personalization. Using machine learning (ML) algorithms, this popular streaming platform understands user behavior and suggests personalized content. By using this marketing tactic, Netflix has been able to increase audience engagement and loyalty worldwide.

  • Gaining insights into customers

Leveraging AI in marketing can help companies to gain valuable insights into customer choices and behavior. Businesses can utilize AI-powered tools to analyze enormous amounts of data and provide insights that can be used to tailor marketing efforts. Here are some ways by which AI can provide insights into marketing.

Voice analysis of the customer

AI-based tools and applications can analyze customer feedback from various sources, including customer reviews, social media, and surveys. Companies can utilize these data to design new products and services to meet customer requirements and find scope for improvement.

Analysis of sentiment

Sentiment tools that are AI-powered help businesses identify customer sentiments towards their products, brand and services. This analysis can be used to understand potential issues and chances to improve customer experience.

Analyzing purchase behavior

Using AI, businesses can analyze a customer’s purchase history to give perspectives on their preferences, purchasing habits and chances of making future purchases. This data may be utilized to tailor promotions and marketing messages.

Customer categorization

With the use of AI, businesses can categorize their customers based on their interests, demographics, behaviors and more. By leveraging this information, companies can optimize marketing campaigns and messages to each segment.

  • Predictive analytics

Artificial intelligence has the capability to analyze huge amounts of data and extract solutions that can help businesses make informed decisions. In this case, predictive analysis can play an important role. To predict future events using data, machine learning and statistical algorithms based on previous data is called predictive analytics. It may be utilized to predict sales, forecast consumer behavior, and discover high-value prospects.

Businesses can design focused marketing tactics that can convert clients by leveraging predictive analytics. For instance, a store using consumer data can identify in the future which customers would make a purchase, what they can purchase and when they are most likely to purchase. This data may then be utilized to develop personalized marketing efforts targeted to each customer’s individual wants and interests.

Predictive analytics in marketing have numerous utilities. The common ones are:

1. Clients who wish to discontinue collaborating with a company can be identified by predictive analytics. To keep the clients, companies can take proactive measures like offering them personalized discounts or incentives. 

2. Leads can be evaluated with predictive analytics based on their potential to convert. With this information, organizations can prioritize their marketing strategies and concentrate on valued prospects.

3. With the help of predictive analytics, organizations can forecast sales for a given time span. This allows them to plan sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

  • Automated campaigns

AI can send marketing emails to customers based on a customer’s engagement rates, time zone, and past behavior. To design personalized content and subject lines, AI can be utilized in a way individual customers can relate to. Businesses can use automated campaigns to communicate with customers. With the help of artificial intelligence, these campaigns can be optimized and personalized. Email marketing is an example of automated campaigns that can be tailored to specific parts based on the customers’ interests, past behavior and preferences. By leveraging AI, marketers can analyze trends and patterns to understand these data, helping them create better marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, automated campaigns can help companies by increasing customer engagement rates and efficiency and improving personalization. It gives marketers free time to focus on strategic efforts like building brand awareness and creating new services and products. 

Advantages of AI in Marketing

Using AI in making marketing efforts can help businesses in many ways:

  • Smoothens customer relationships and personalization in real-time

AI marketing helps businesses to offer personalized messages to customers at a given point in the customer lifecycle. It also helps digital marketers to identify customers who are not engaging in their content and target them with incentives or discounts to re-engage them.

  • Helps take faster decisions

With the help of AI, marketers can perform tactical data analysis faster to get rapid results depending on consumer and campaign context. This enables team members to devote more time to strategic projects, which can be used to guide AI-enabled marketing. With AI marketing, digital marketers no longer have to make judgments at the end of a campaign but can utilize real-time data to make smarter media selections instead.

  • Bolstered marketing measurement

It is a struggle for marketers to keep up with data generated by digital marketing initiatives, making it troublesome to attribute success to individual campaigns. Dashboards that use AI marketing provide a more thorough view of what is performing to enable repetition across channels and money allocated appropriately.

  • Increased return on investment (ROI)

AI improves your decision-making and assists you in creating more effective content. Because of its benefits in better understanding the audience, marketers may create focused digital marketing initiatives, resulting in higher ROI.

AI Marketing Solutions

The role of AI in marketing is crucial in the present world. AI helps marketers to connect with their customers. There are different types of marketing solutions that assist in bridging the gap between massive amounts of customer data gathered and the actions that digital marketers can take to create their future marketing campaigns. The usual AI solutions for marketing are Artificial Intelligence Platforms & Tools, Machine Learning and Big Data & Analytics.

Thus, using AI in marketing is a modern trend which will continue for the time being. No matter the company is small, medium or large, leveraging AI in its marketing efforts will increase the ROI. It can help businesses process a sea of data to track consumer behavior, preferences and interests so that marketers can improve their marketing efforts.

If you want to be a part of the AI-driven business world, IIM Indore is offering an Executive Programme in Marktech and AI Driven Marketing. This is a 12-month course that will help candidates to develop knowledge about AI tools and current trends pertaining to the competitive business world. This programme highlights interactive learning, live classes by highly experienced teachers as well as real-life business cases.

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