How to Change Jobs & Careers with an Executive MBA Program


According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, 19% of Indians now prefer Executive MBAs for career growth and advancement. Are you too looking forward to career growth, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, this blog will help you take the first steps to career change and growth through Executive MBA programs. Working professionals can benefit from online Executive MBA programs by gaining the skills they need to progress in their careers, whether by moving forward in their present firm, changing industries, or expanding their business. Students from diverse backgrounds, on the other hand, can enroll in an Executive MBA program to ensure success in their professional lives, right from the beginning. 

The DSU Executive MBA program provides students with the essential resources and support, whether they’re seeking a change in job function or help to kick start their career.

Three Steps To Help You Change Your Career After Executive MBA

Following are the steps to change careers with an Executive MBA program:

  1. Perform research: Performing research means talking to peers, conducting, completing web research, and undertaking practical class projects in the job role to gain information. Learn as much as you can about the new job’s day-to-day obligations as this will help you in taking a sensible career decision. Exploring opportunities within your present organization should be part of that research. This might prove more fruitful than starting afresh, as you already have developed credibility. 
  2. Build a career strategy: The next step to a successful career change is to devise a highly targeted career strategy. The extent of the career strategy is determined by the magnitude of the change you are looking forward to. Having a steady career strategy in place will help in facing all the obstacles. Make a strategy and ensure that you’re aware of the precise tasks, barriers, and resources accessible. 
  3. Be ready for a challenging interview: A job interview is the final stage of a career change, where you are directly questioned by the recruiting manager. Expect to be questioned about your background at a job interview because it most likely does not fit the applied position. Make sure you have ready reasons to prove that you can be beneficial for the business and a list of achievements that show your ability to produce results, which will matter to the new firm. Look out for an executive MBA program that provides you with the abilities you’ll need to change careers. The DSU executive MBA is an online executive MBA program specifically designed for full-time working professionals interested in advancing their careers in general management. 


DSU EMBA Program

Dayananda Sagar University Executive MBA Program

The Dayananda Sagar University’s 17 month-long Online executive MBA program is a foundation for a long-term career in general management. This DSU executive MBA program is designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers and become better managers. The Executive MBA program is designed to provide candidates with a strong foundation in basic management skills before focusing on their chosen functional specialization.

Highlights of the DSU Executive MBA Program 

Following are some key highlights of the DSU Executive MBA program:

  • The course is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that includes multiple case-study-based projects and group projects.
  • After studying basic management skills, students can decide from 10 specializations in the DSU Executive MBA program. 
  • This course offers flexible online sessions, and all sessions are recorded and accessible via the LMS platform at any time.



The DSU Executive MBA program employs a unique learning strategy that incorporates case-study-focused learning and group projects. If you’re a working professional looking to change careers in general management, the DSU Executive MBA is a great option.

To be eligible for the DSU Executive MBA program, you must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 50 percent score and at least one year of work experience. So, apply for the online Executive MBA program and start building a long-term management career. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the executive MBA program?

The DSU executive MBA program is a 17 months Online Executive MBA program for working professionals who want to develop necessary management skills and build a long-term career in general management. 

  • What is the duration of an executive MBA course?

The DSU executive MBA program is a 17 months online executive MBA program that offers flexible online sessions. The 17 months-long course allows students to get most of the online executive MBA program.

  • Does an executive MBA have the same value as a full-time MBA?

Both full-time MBA and executive MBA are important in today’s world, although at different levels. The former is intended for recent graduates, while the latter is designed for working professionals. After completing the online executive MBA degree, one’s salary and position are both increased. A full-time MBA program, on the other hand, provides a platform for recent graduates to explore and learn.

  • What are the benefits of pursuing an executive MBA in India?

Following are the benefits of pursuing an Executive MBA program in India:

  • Better promotion opportunities 
  • Higher networking opportunities 
  • Career acceleration 
  • Learn specialized management skills, etc. 

Check out all the details of the DSU Executive MBA program, and build a fruitful, long-term career in general management. Subscribe to our blog for regular course updates.

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