How Does General Management Programme Help Build Leadership Skills & Capabilities?


With the current global market disruption, general management takes on a broader perspective by considering the international aspects of business operations. In today’s interconnected world, businesses operate in a global marketplace, and general managers need to navigate the complexities of diverse markets, cultures, and regulatory environments.

General management requires a deep understanding of international business practices, cross-cultural communication, and global market trends. It involves developing strategies that capitalize on opportunities in different regions while mitigating risks associated with operating in a global context. General managers also require a global edge and the ability to adapt to changing international dynamics, identify emerging markets, and foster strategic alliances with global partners. They understand the importance of leveraging technology and innovation to gain a competitive advantage on a global scale.

General management can be defined as the overall administration, coordination, and control of the various activities and resources within an organisation. It involves overseeing the day-to-day operations, setting strategic goals, making important decisions, and ensuring the effective utilisation of resources to achieve desired outcomes. General managers are responsible for managing multiple functions and departments. They also play a role in leading and motivating teams toward accomplishing organisational objectives.

In the current competitive business environment, effective leadership skills and capabilities have become increasingly important. Leaders are expected to inspire and guide their teams, navigate through complex challenges, and drive innovation and growth. They play a crucial role in setting a clear vision, fostering a positive organisational culture, and empowering employees to perform at their best. Strong leadership is often the differentiating factor that enables organisations to adapt, thrive, and outperform their competitors.

To understand the broad array of management and enhance your leadership capabilities, be a part of Michigan Ross’s PG Certificate in Accelerated General Management Program (AGMP). This internationally-focused advanced management program facilitates rapid career growth by providing participants with cutting-edge management concepts and tools through a rigorous six-month learning journey.

Essential Skills for Thriving as a General Manager

In order to excel in the role of a general manager and advance your career, it is crucial to acquire and cultivate a diverse set of managerial skills. These skills not only aid in addressing management interview questions effectively but also empower you to carry out general manager duties and responsibilities with utmost competence.

The following skills will equip you for success when incorporated with rigour and agility.

Interpersonal Skills

Being a general manager entails interacting with employees from various departments, clients, senior managers, and other stakeholders. Cultivating robust interpersonal skills allows you to forge successful relationships, adeptly lead teams, and earn the respect and trust of your colleagues. Dedicate time in your daily routine to truly get to know your team members on both professional and personal levels. Additionally, organising team-building activities and training sessions can facilitate rapport-building and foster genuine connections while honouring individual boundaries. Simple yet impactful gestures like acknowledging team members’ achievements and offering encouragement contribute to cultivating a positive and nurturing work environment.

Communication Skills

Proficiency in diverse communication styles, encompassing verbal, written, and active listening abilities, is paramount for effective workplace communication. As a general manager, you serve as a vital link between frontline employees and senior managers. Enhancing your communication skills across various channels such as social media, email, phone, face-to-face meetings, presentations, and group discussions empowers you to interact with a wide array of individuals, ranging from entry-level employees to clients and department heads.

Consider employing the following strategies to enhance your communication prowess:

  • Build a foundation of trust with your team members, creating an environment where they feel comfortable sharing challenges and conflicts with you.
  • Remain accessible to your team, ensuring they are aware of the different avenues through which they can connect with you during and after work hours.
  • Arrange regular team meetings to discuss progress and address challenges.
  • When engaging with team members, maintain eye contact, exhibit positive body language through smiles, and listen attentively before responding.

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills

Effective decision-making involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a situation and making well-informed choices. Problem-solving necessitates maintaining composure in high-pressure situations and paying meticulous attention to details. Strong critical thinking skills empower you to ensure a seamless workflow and enhance team productivity by surmounting challenges. Additionally, nurturing a culture of creative thinking aids in developing innovative solutions that yield optimal results for both the team and the organisation as a whole.

Leadership Skills & Capabilities

The development of leadership skills relies heavily on the domain of general management, which places immense importance on understanding the entirety of business operations from a holistic perspective. This broad scope enables them to cultivate a comprehensive outlook on the entire business ecosystem, fostering an understanding of the intricate interdependencies that exist between contrasting functions. As a result, general managers acquire a well-rounded skill set encompassing strategic thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making, attributes of utmost significance for effective leadership.

Furthermore, general management offers aspiring leaders invaluable opportunities to lead and manage teams. Given their oversight across multiple functions, general managers often assume leadership roles entrusted with guiding and motivating teams towards shared objectives. The hands-on nature of such leadership encounters grants immeasurable value, nurturing the confidence, resilience, and adaptability necessary to thrive in leadership.


General management programmes establish a solid foundation for future leaders by helping them have an in-depth grasp of business operations. The field of general management provides individuals with the necessary capabilities to traverse the complexity of leadership and drive organisational success, whether through thorough coursework, practical experiences, or self-reflection.

All the discussed attributes of being an ideal general manager can be easily acquired by registering in the Accelerated General Management Program (AGMP) by Michigan Ross through Jaro Education. Within this prestigious program, you can participate in management opportunities in various sectors and develop excellent leadership skills.

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