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Data has always been one of the influential factors in strategic, operational, and customer-oriented business decisions. On the other hand, businesses seek for professionals to interpret internal and external organisational data. Along with interpretation, businesses also expect market analysts to contribute to the major decision-making process.

Therefore, if you are planning to make a major move in your corporate career, wait no more. Since cloud computing and machine learning is introduced, the demand for business analysts is skyrocketing in the coming years.

In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statics, there were more than 700,000 business analyst jobs in 2021, which would grow by 150,000 by the end of 2031.

Now that you are in demand as a business analyst, do you know what business analyst is and how business analyst professionals contribute to the business-decision making process?

This article is an answer to all your questions. Plus, it also includes an institute that ensures to certify you with a business analyst degree. All while working, continue pursuing your current job.

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is a process of researching and analysing past as well as current data. Adding to this, it even includes interpreting and discovering customer trends and patterns for better prediction.

Business analyst professionals perform everything through four different quantitative methods, which are as follows:

Methods Description
Descriptive Interpreting past data to identify patterns
Diagnostic Interpreting past data to find out the cause of it
Predictive Predicting future possibilities
Prescriptive A/B testing

Now that you know what business analytics is, let’s discuss how business analytics help make important business decisions.

How Business Analytics Contribute to Decision-Making Process?

Business analytics experts foresee the future of organisation on the basis of past and present customer behavior. Considering the research, the professionals even forecast a spike in sales and revenue, sustainability, and a reduction in overhead expenses.

Besides, business analytics also aid in

Offers enhanced customer experience

Analytics contribute to enhancing customer experience by closely monitoring customer behaviour over different channels, including social media. Companies can track what their customers are doing and how they are reacting to their products. On the basis of the study, business analyst professionals figure out a better way to amplify customer experience.

Improvement in business efficiency

A better performance and maximum utilisation of resources is what any business expects, and that is achievable with the help of business analytics. Besides, you can even allocate resources properly without any wastage. Eventually, all the baby steps would lead to higher sales and revenue charts.

Assesses risk management of the organisation

Crisis, threats, and potential risks to business are avoidable only if you analyse business data. And that’s where business analysts excel at. Evaluating structured and unstructured data becomes a priority for business analyst experts. This way, it would help predict the threat and risk.

Better and smoother accounting process

What makes a business successful? It’s financial and budgeting decisions. But as a business analyst, you must consider statistical data to verify any unforeseen loss. The professional will be responsible for managing assets and evaluating the business’s financial health.

Improves supply chain management

Supply chain benefits the company commercially and also reserves a significant portion in the company’s cost structure. As a business analyst, it becomes your responsibility to identify the existing supply chain system. Besides, you must also evaluate the delivery cycles.

That’s how business analytics play a crucial role in making business-wide decisions. Now let’s discuss how you can become a business analyst.

Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management

This institute offers Executive Program in Business Analytics that needs no hour of the weekdays. It means you don’t need to quit your job, stay back home, and attend college. Just spend two hours and 30 minutes on Sundays to get certified in a business analyst course.

Firstly, let’s discuss what you can expect with online business analytics courses in India:

  • Dual certification from Adani Institute & Carleton University.
  • Knowledge Sharing with Subject Matter Experts
  • One-month capstone project with Adani Group Company
  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • 330 learning hours of coaching
  • 3 Assured Interviews except for participants from Adani Group Company


What makes you eligible to become a business analyst?

  • Graduation or post-graduation from renowned universities in any stream
  • 3 years of minimum work experience


Mark the Syllabus breakdown

  • 100 hours of online classes
  • 70 hours of offline classes optional
  • 150 hours of assignments & projects
  • 10 hours of doubt-solving sessions


What are the program fees?

  • Application Fee: 3000 INR
  • Total Program Fee: 1,47,000 INR


How Much Salary Can You Expect As Business Analyst?

According to indeed, the average salary of a Business Analyst is $81,000 per year.


Undoubtedly, business analytics is a thriving industry with ample opportunities. Since everything is being digitised, it is the right time to switch careers and make yourself more demand by the industry than ever.

As it is an era of the digital revolution, analytical changes can contribute a lot to businesses with which the sky would be the limit. Therefore, don’t wait and get yourself enroll in the most-demanding course in today’s as well as upcoming years.

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