Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: What’s Better?



The recent shift of marketing trends from traditional to digital marketing is paving new avenues for Marketers to opt for the digital promotion of their brands. Digital marketing,  helps in reaching more audiences by promoting your product/service on different digital channels. Marketers are no longer putting more effort and money into the traditional marketing methods. Instead, they are using digital marketing to reach their target customers and generate revenue for their company. 

Marketing management involves learning all the aspects of the market and new marketing trends. Online marketing courses are the best way to develop new skills that will help you get promotions in your current workplace. Sales management is a significant part of marketing management. Through the knowledge of sales management, you can get marketing projects that will help generate traffic and revenue for the company. 

Strategic sales management happens when the marketer has adequate knowledge about the market trends and techniques. Learning these new skills and techniques can be challenging for marketers. Many institutes offer online marketing courses to help you hone these new skills. Marketing management courses are the best for working professionals who wish to update their skills and knowledge.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing has been in use for the past decade. It involves more manual work and comprises marketing methods that do not include the use of the internet. Newspapers advertisements, telephone calls, and billboard advertisements are examples of traditional marketing. 

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

  • It is a great way to reach the earlier demographic audience. According to a survey in Global News Wire, people over 50 spend more time reading newspapers and listening to the radio than those between 21 to 34 years.
  • Traditional marketing is beneficial for promoting and developing a larger local audience. It is best suited for a small business established in one place.
  • With the use of radio and TV commercials, people can remember the brand for a longer time. TV and radio commercials are catchy and entertaining and grab attention.


Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

  • Traditional marketing is an expensive means of promoting the business. Printing postcards, billboards, and TV commercials are very expensive.
  • Traditional marketing can take months to yield results.


 What is Digital Marketing?

Email marketing, social media promotion, online advertisements, telemarketing, SEO methods, and affiliate marketing are all a part of the digital marketing world. Digital marketing trends change constantly. Online marketing is the process of promoting a brand using the internet. It is very effective and can generate excellent leads for any organization. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • The scope of digital marketing is vast. Through digital marketing, you can reach a larger audience and create revenue for your business. It helps in promoting brands across countries and cities.
  • Digital marketing campaigns is affordable. Sending emails and generating social media posts are economical.
  • Data collection and surveys become easier using digital marketing. Through various marketing tools, you can track the traffic generated by your campaign and site.


 Disadvantages of Digital Marketing 

  • The digital world evolves exceptionally quickly. Thus, digital marketing techniques have to be updated from time to time.
  • Digital marketing ad campaigns can be blocked by some users, which may affect their usability.


Which One Is Better?

The question remains, which strategy is better? Digital marketing or traditional marketing? The strategy best for your business or brand depends on various factors, including,

  • What is your target audience?
  • From where do you want to generate customers?
  • What is your budget?


Digital marketing helps in increasing the reach of the brand to a larger audience. It aids in promoting the business globally. Digital marketing is the best-suited marketing strategy today for professionals who wants to reach a new pinnacle in their career.

Sales and marketing courses teach the various techniques and new developments related to the digital world. Digital marketing is helpful for promotions that have a lower budget. 

Traditional marketing methods are still in use because they are effective and generate leads. If your organization’s motive is to establish a brand name in local areas, this is the best method. Traditional marketing may be expensive, but it can generate sales leads.

Thus, the selection of a marketing strategy depends on your brand and organizational needs. Online marketing courses offered by many institutes help you understand these requirements and select the best measures. 


In this constantly changing world, marketing techniques and tricks also change rapidly. Coping with new marketing trends and techniques is the main job of any marketer. The marketer has to establish channels and project campaigns that will help in generating strong sale lead for the organization. Both traditional and digital marketing have their own sets of advantages and pitfalls. Selecting a marketing strategy depends upon a company’s needs and requirements. 

Understand the various needs and requirements of any organization and various other marketing skills through online marketing courses. The Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Sales Management and New-age Marketing from IIM Kozhikode helps in scaling the skills of working professionals. It provides major insights into digital and traditional marketing. Enroll in it today to take on the demands of modern-day marketing!

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