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The one word around which most businesses function today is ‘data’. The increasing use of smart gadgets and social media has made this data available to all businesses. As a beginner in the data science field, you can learn techniques related to collection, examining, and storing data. Subsequently, grasp skills like identifying trends, creating visual data charts and presentations, etc. These skills are taught in a simple Data Science Program.

As you proceed further, gaining knowledge about advanced data tools and techniques becomes essential. You will have to understand how to build a data framework and automate the process of data collection and data storing. Writing algorithms, contributing to major business decisions, and creating statistical models will be your responsibility. For acquiring these advanced skills, enroll in an Advanced Data Science Program.

Simple Data Science vs. Advanced Data Science Programs


Basic knowledge of data systems and statistics is required to enroll in a simple data science program. A bachelor’s degree in data management or related fields would be enough to subscribe to this program. Many online data science programs fall into this category. These programs are usually offered free and give you a basic understanding of data science and its procedures.

To enroll in an Advanced Data Science Certificate Program, deep knowledge about math and statistics is essential. A master-level degree in data science would be required to register for the best Advanced Data Science courses.


A simple Data Science Program helps you to resolve problems with the help of insights drawn from available data. Learning how to use tools that answer questions related to data problems is a part of the training program. For instance, the knowledge regarding the tools that answer reduction in sales or performance of a marketing campaign in a particular region must be acquired.

Data Scientists usually work to find the unknown variables of data sets. They do so by building frameworks and models that define the data acquisition and interpretation processes. An Advanced Data Science Course will train you how to utilize the new age data science tools. Also, it will teach you how to build your tools by coding and other means. The main difference between Simple and Advanced Data Science courses is that advanced courses teach Algorithmic Trading, Data-driven Prediction, Statistical Techniques for Data Science and other key technical skills.

Advanced Data Science Certificate Program Jaro


Simple data science courses provide exposure to data mining, data analytics, modeling, data management, and some other tools. They might offer training in SAS, SQL, R, and some other technologies.

A Data Science Advanced Course provides exposure to machine learning and other advanced techniques. It helps you learn software development through Dashboards, Machine Learning, Prediction Models, Regression Analysis and other latest technologies. At the same time, it teaches you data warehousing, data analysis, and other techniques using simple tools.

Learning Approach

A Simple Data Science Program offers knowledge and ideas in bits and pieces. It means that this program does not follow a systematic learning approach. On the other hand, an Advanced Data Science Certificate Program adopts a systematic learning approach. It develops a deeper understanding of different types of data and their uses.

Job Roles

After completing a Simple Data Science Program, data analytics-related job roles will be available to you. You will learn how to design, interpret, and manage databases. Also, the task of creating statistical reports will be assigned to you.

Upon finishing an Advanced Data Science Course, you’ll need to develop data models, algorithms, and predictive tools. You will be held responsible for resolving complex issues related to the data of your organization.

Salary & Position

As compared to data analysts, the job roles assigned to data scientists are more complex. As a result, employers will offer a much higher package to data scientists. Also, data scientists and engineers get more recognition and respect as organizations treat them as valuable assets. Therefore, it is wiser to go for the Advanced Data Science courses. 


If you are a beginner, start with simple courses that build your foundation in the data science field. However, if you have the relevant experience and knowledge, upskill with global-level Advanced Data Science Certificate ProgramRotman School of Management. It is an internationally recognized certification program that imparts industry experience and academic excellence to the candidates. By enrolling in this program, various concepts, data systems, and approaches can be grasped. Through various case studies, assignments, and discussions, you will acquire vast knowledge to solve real-world problems.

You can enroll in this program online through Jaro Education’s platform. It is an intuitive executive education platform that offers various programs related to Data Science, Business Analytics, etc.

Advanced Data Science Certificate Program

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