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Ever considered pushing the academic boundaries and enrolling for a Doctor of Philosophy, also commonly known as Ph.D., while obtaining a master’s degree in your chosen field of specialisation?

Learning and developing leadership traits, business acumen, delegation tactics, decision making, professional communication, negotiation, dispute resolution, evaluation, and other abilities are among the skills that Ph.D. in Management Studies students possess. Management is responsible for supervising and managing subordinates or other employees, as well as ensuring that they are functioning successfully and efficiently.

If a professional has completed education in management and are interested in pursuing a career in research or academia, Jaro Education’s blog will provide them with information on crucial aspects of pursuing a Ph.D. in Management and how to advance in your career.

Why are PhDs a Good Fit for Business and Management Careers?

According to a survey published by the World Economic Forum, the number of undergraduate students enrolling in postgraduate degrees has increased by about 50% in the last decade or two.

There will be more Ph.D. graduates in the future, and their knowledge and abilities should be effectively applied in businesses, the stigma associated with Ph.D. graduates and their link with research and academics can be overcome.

To develop their products or services, businesses all around the world demand efficient and competent employees. Most business management experts have stills from their education, experience, and training that they frequently regurgitate. A Ph.D. develops a wide range of talents; here are four of the most important ones.


Research is at the heart of a Ph.D., and building a business play necessitates excellent research skills in the creation and development of the company’s operations and marketing. Identifying a new market and audience also necessitates extensive research. A doctorate gives you great research skills that you can pass on to the company’s future personnel.

Project management

Graduates of Ph.D. program are engrained with the value of time management, resource distribution, and cost management. Planning, barriers, pivoting, success, and even failure will all be part of the process from proposal to submission. These abilities are useful in a variety of situations within the company. All team members can benefit from guidance and prompt adjustments, which will help them improve.


Many people who pursue a Ph.D. develop leadership qualities. Scholars are compelled to develop their thoughts because there are no teachers to transmit their knowledge on the chosen concept and no set curriculum to follow. These obstacles sharpen one’s leadership skills, as well as their ability to succeed or fail with a project that is entirely on their shoulders. These responsibilities increase their decision-making abilities, allowing them to be more effective decision-makers.


A Ph.D. will put an academic’s flexibility and adaptation to the test, as practically everyone will face failures and difficult conditions while working on their thesis. Adaptability is the gold standard in the business and management sector for becoming a successful professional and making advancements. Ph.D. candidates who naturally possess these skills, which were earned rather than learnt, will pass these skills on to their employees and make a substantial contribution to their skill set, which will be valuable both professionally and personally.

These are the characteristics that make PhDs successful in the corporate world.

For Ph.D. graduates, here are several viable business career options

PhDs are equipped with all of the abilities necessary to excel in business. Problem-solving, self-motivation, and teamwork are among these abilities. They can also offer more in-depth views to the table if they have the right specialisation.

Lecturer/ Visiting Faculty

After receiving a Ph.D., a career in academia has always been a popular choice. The job description is identical to the person’s Ph.D. work. It entails teaching, giving lectures, creating slides, conducting research, managing administration, and occasionally representing the college. Professors at the university level are frequently expected to give lectures to students in their fields of study. Professors are frequently asked to do independent research for publication in academic journals. A Ph.D. in Management qualifies a person to teach business to college students, not just through lectures but also through the preparation of appropriate activities and the use of periodical assessments.

Consultants/ Advisors

Companies may need to turn outside the company for professionals who may assist them in achieving greater success. Organizations and enterprises collaborate with consultants to identify business solutions because they have a strong technical background and are specifically trained to troubleshoot challenging challenges. Consultants can be hired to help with a wide range of organizational difficulties, but they’ll almost always need to be analytical when working with data and collaborative when working with people. Securing a Management Consultant position opens doors to a range of opportunities, including executive management, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship is the route to go for Ph.D. graduates who want to enter the fast-paced world of business. This career option is appropriate for PhDs with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create a valuable product or service. Ph.D. grads are motivated and quick to adapt. These attributes are also some of the most important qualities to have if you want to be a successful business. While becoming a boss and owning a business can be rewarding.


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Is a management Ph.D. a good career choice?

A Ph.D. in Management establishes amazing credibility by demonstrating competence in the field and a lifelong commitment to learning, which will assist one in achieving their professional goals, whether they are working in teaching, consulting, research, or something new.

Which is preferable: a Ph.D. or an MBA?

MBA and Ph.D. degrees can help you advance in your job. A Ph.D. permits you to become a professor and pursue a career in research for the rest of your life, whereas an MBA might lead to job prospects at the top of the corporate ladder and significantly improve your pay expectations.

Ideally, there is no competition to determine which is better. It entirely depends on the individual’s personal and professional objectives.

What can a Ph.D. in Management get you?

A Ph.D. in Business Administration is an excellent strategy to ensure your future success. Theoretical and practical training can be used in a wide range of sectors. Working as a University Lecturer, Policy Analyst, Management Consultant, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Manager, Market Research Analyst, Business Development Manager, Quantitative Analyst, and many other positions are available.

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