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Finance is the backbone of any organization. The organizations need to be sure that they have enough finance from the incorporation stage till it reaches its maturity for the smooth functioning of every department. The financial world is changing rapidly, and professionals who do not update themselves according to the market demands would find themselves in silos. With industry leaders like KPMG, who provide an online certification program in corporate finance and analytics, a professional can achieve the gap and move ahead in their professional career. There are various online courses for corporate finance that help a finance professional learn the nuances of corporate finance and analytics programs to help an organization grow. The finance professional should decide which course to select as per their professional requirements. 

The Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics by KPMG helps finance managers, corporate finance professionals, and graduates enhance their strategic finance and analytics skills to boost their professional careers. This Corporate Finance Course enhances the skill required to connect the business strategy to finance using analytics. This course helps the professional analyze an organization’s financial reports and provide a definite solution to the organization to earn better profits. With the experience gained from Corporate Finance & Analytics program, a professional can help an organization earn profits and help in effectively managing the funds.

Corporate Finance and Analytics Program

With the increase in competition, every organization should secure its finances and grow simultaneously. The organizations are looking for financials who can provide invaluable financial strategies that would bring profits. 

The online corporate finance certificate course helps a finance professional achieve the skill set required by the organization to boost their financial strength. This course would prepare a professional for the next step of their career. 

Financial analytics provides a unique view of the organization’s financial data. It plays a vital role in bringing financial profit to the organization. The financial analyst provides detailed information about the company’s financial health. 

The key types of financial analysts that can help with analyzing the organization’s financial health are:

  1. Predictive sales analyst
  2. Client profitability analyst
  3. Product profitability analyst
  4. Cash-flow analyst
  5. Value-driven analyst
  6. Shareholder value analytics.


With this Corporate Finance Certificate Course, the professional can provide value to the organization by getting involved in critical business decisions and analyzing various complicated financial issues.

The Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics by KPMG has helped enhance skills like financial planning & skills, financial modeling, technical accounting, financial analytics, planning, budgeting, and forecasting the final budget decision.

This Corporate Finance Course is curated for professionals like finance managers, Self-employed & corporate finance professionals, CA, CFA, FRM, and MBA in Finance candidates. Professionals who have spent significant years in the finance line should opt for this course.

The Corporate Finance & Analytics program provides a detailed approach to corporate finance and analytics through interactive teaching, providing hands-on learning with the latest technologies, networking, and interactions with various industry experts. 

How would the certification program in Corporate Finance & Analytics help a financial professional? The course enables a financial profession on various fronts. Let us look at some benefits of Corporate Finance & Analytics program from KPMG in India.

  1. Understanding and applying the principles of finance to solve business problems.
  2. Linking corporate finances with strategic decisions.
  3. Interpreting the corporate financial statements to make strategic decisions and business planning. 
  4. Enhancing the key behavioral skills required to be a good finance professional.
  5. Understanding the impact of business decisions on the external and internal side of the organization.
  6. Exploring various tools and technologies like ML, AI, RPA, FinTech, BlockChain helps make perfect business decisions.


This 6-month online course covers all the essential topics that would help in boosting the financial career of a profession. The Corporate Finance & Analytics Program would be conducted by the experienced professionals from the CFO Advisory and Data Analytics team of KPMG India and KPMG Learning Academy. At the end of the program, the successful candidates are provided with a certificate from KPMG. This certificate is recognized by all the leading financial organizations in India. There are regular workshops, interactions with industrial experts, assignments, and presentations to make the Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics interactive and informative. The professionals will get a guaranteed rich experience to enhance their existing skills.


With the Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics by KPMG, the professionals can enhance their corporate finance and analytical skills to take a step ahead in their professional careers. The Corporate Finance Certificate Course is designed in a manner that covers all the important aspects of corporate finance and financial analytics.

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