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Advanced Management Skills You Need To Lead A Productive Team



Foundational team management techniques no longer hold much value in today’s context. The circumstances have changed owing to the widespread use of advanced supply chains, markets, blockchain technologies, and other techniques. These advanced tools and techniques keep evolving with time. Therefore, you have to be on your toes while managing a productive team.

Learn advanced management skills to tackle the complexities of an evolving workspace and maintain an edge as a leader. These skills could be learned by enrolling in advanced management training courses related to your specific role and field. An advanced management program will improve your understanding of business processes and communication. It will expand your skill-set revolving around project management, problem-solving, culture-building, and collaborative skills. 

Here are the top advanced management skills included in an extensive Advanced Management course or program:

  • Negotiation

Negotiating is essential to ensure smooth sailing through complex circumstances. To negotiate effectively means deriving positive outcomes and making all the parties feel happy. Therefore, as a manager, you have to grasp this critical business skill during the training program.

  • Project Management

Project management is not just about meeting deadlines. It involves careful analysis of the collective output, prioritizing things, regulating processes, and much more. Ensure that the work reflects high standards of quality to build the reputation of your organization. Therefore, an Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management will give enough emphasis on project management skills.

  • Solving Problems

Challenges are bound to arise while leading a team. As some of the issues are unpredictable, learn how to take them in stride. Also, learn to predict a potential scenario that could create conflict within a team, organization, or client. While realizing the potential risk, find ways to solve them in advance.

Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management – IIM Kozhikode imparts practical training to strengthen your problem-solving skills. It will also help you develop innovative solutions while staying aligned with the larger motive of your organization.


  • Building Culture

As a leader and manager, you have to define the team culture that inspires and motivates your teammates to perform better. To become a successful leader, create an environment that fosters positive changes, innovation, cooperation, and team effort. Focus on obtaining culture-building skills during the training sessions of an Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration is another essential skill, without which it would be hard to generate a steady and positive output from a team. Open-mindedness towards fresh ideas, adaptability, and effective communication are the primary collaborative skills. Apart from that, learn how to organize and engage your team to achieve your organization’s long-term goals.

  • Supply Chain Management Skills

An advanced management skill that is always in great demand is the supply chain management skill. Your job role may or may not be linked directly to managing supply chains but learning it will widen your perspective regarding consumer demands and organizational structure. Also Learning these skills will be eventually profitable as it applies to most business types.

  • Making Decisions

As an emerging leader, learning to make decisions is the key to delivering positive outcomes every time. Take inputs from the subordinates, but the final call should always be yours. As a strong leader, making decisions without relying on others is also necessary. Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management introduces strategic decision-making in a time-bound manner. However, showcase decision-making skills by demonstrating analytical and critical thinking at every stage of your career.

  • Leadership Skills

A dependable and skilled manager may not always be a good leader. Therefore, if you are aiming for a higher position in your organization, leadership training is necessary. Through extensive advanced management training courses, you can transform into an effective leader. Though it takes persistent efforts and time to become a strong leader, the results are always noteworthy. As a strong leader, you must drive your team forward by making it a productive, dedicated, and cohesive unit. 

The underlying skill required for mastering all these management skills is communication. These days, online management courses are in-demand because they are convenient and cover extensive training quickly.


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