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Data science is a rising and profitable career globally. Thus, integrating with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Nagpur, Jaro Education brings you the best course in the data science industry. 

IIM Nagpur is a new-generation IIM to build efficient leaders, global managers, and entrepreneurs with a strong base and analytical approach. Jaro Education is an e-learning platform, India’s leading EdTech Company, and a pioneer in the executive education space with 800+ corporate associations and 2 million career transformations.  

Here, the two best educational institutions have collaborated to create value-driven officials and workers. Joining in force with the IIM Nagpur, Jaro Education introduces a new program with a post-graduation (PG) certificate named “Data science for business excellence and innovation.”

Highlights of the Program

  • Alumni status from IIM Nagpur with a PG certificate
  • Operational knowledge of new-age tools such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), Tableau, R, and Python
  • Online classes from industry experts
  • Case study-based learning
  • 12 months of blended learning
  • Exposure to working on various real-time business problems and their solutions
  • Capstone Business simulation project


 IIM Nagpur, associated with Jaro Education, introduces the best learning experience in the data science online course. The PG certificate programme in data science for business excellence and innovation will equip you with immense knowledge about the field.

The course covers the basics of data science, data visualization, modern data management, data analytical tools, business statistics, machine learning algorithms, forecasting and other statistical methods, deep learning of artificial intelligence, analytics consulting, and Capstone projects. 

The course will pave your way toward a revolution using data analytics. You will possess a managerial understanding of the tools and techniques used in data science and machine learning through the course. The course will help you process the skills to implement machine learning algorithms. 

We provide a blended learning method consisting of live classes and recorded sessions from well-learned personnel in the field. The detailed syllabus and the study materials will be provided in addition to that.  

Our faculties will guide you to an in-depth understanding of the data structure and data analysis. Further, the learnings will help you make a strategic business decision based on statistics concepts in the long run. 

Creative thinking and domain knowledge are the perfect duos for a successful business. This is the course that will help you to build that duo in you. Moreover, from a technical perspective, the course explains what can be obtained through cluster analysis, association rule mining, prescriptive analytics, etc. Learning data science can boost your business outcomes. Our mentors will explain how data science can benefit your business outcomes. 

As a working professional, the detailed knowledge about technical and mechanical aspects of data science will boost your career track. Any valid information about this field will help you; however, if you are learning from us that will create a goldmine of opportunities.

You will be surprised by your personal growth in making data-driven, real-time, and daily organizational decisions. 

To apply for the course, kindly enroll yourself from the official website of Jaro Education. PG Certificate Programme In Digital Strategy And Marketing Analytics – IIM Nagpur

 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, BSc (CS, IT, IS), Commerce (with Maths/Statistics)
  • Undergraduate Program Certified Transcripts


Fees: INR 2,50,000 + GST

Future Prospects of Taking up the Course

This is one of the best data science courses available in the Indian market. It aims at enhancing the techno-managerial skills of executives and gives hands-on practical exposure.

Most of the companies today are dealing with massive amounts of data regularly and hence the need for data scientists is increasing by the day.

By enrolling yourself in a high-demand skill, you will create opportunities for yourself to grow your career and become an industry expert. 

So, if you’re ready to jump-start a full-fledged career in data science, then this is your best bet! This program will allow you to learn complex yet sophisticated technologies like AI, machine learning, and SaaS software. The cutting-edge curriculum is designed in collaboration with leading analytics experts; nothing like learning directly from the experts. Drive intelligent decisions by learning the ins and outs of data science from this PG program. So, start your enrollment procedure today!

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