7 Traits of New-age Marketing That Fuels Growth and Improves Reputation


7 Traits of New-age Marketing That Fuels Growth and Improves Reputation


Consumer behaviour and company practices have both altered for the better. It is the result of online marketing courses. Organizations may benefit from sales and marketing management courses, and they should try to increase brand recognition. It will result in increased revenues. Negative electronic word-of-mouth and invasive and unpleasant online brand presence pose significant problems. Brands can overcome them through new-age marketing techniques offered by courses such as the Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Sales Management and New-age Marketing from IIM Kozhikode.

  • Have a Thorough Understanding of Your Target Market and Customers

You can’t sell any product to someone you’ve never met. Try to communicate to your consumers’ most pressing worries and wants, develop a relationship with the customer, and spend time learning about their clients before launching any campaign. Strategic sales management is the most critical aspect of the success of your business. 

  • Use Email Marketing Tools

Proper marketing management and email marketing are the best options to increase sales. Emailing is still one of the most successful marketing methods. It allows transmitting mass messages to a large number of people at a low cost.

It is done regardless of industry and is the preferred means for customers to receive communications from businesses. You can accurately target individuals with prepared material. Email marketing engages both new and veteran delegates with the appropriate technology.

  • Establish a Digital Presence

It is the most crucial factor in modern advertising. You should note how valuable each activity is in establishing your brand’s digital reputation. One cannot overstate the impact of your internet reputation. A marketing management course such as Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Sales Management and New-age Marketing from IIM Kozhikode will help you establish a digital presence for your business.

Everything you do matters. When we talk about building a digital reputation and connecting with a larger audience, it includes the content you generate. It depends on the advertisements you run. Digital presence is affected by your search engine visibility. You must cover all of your bases, including good SEO, interactive web pages, and a responsive website to improve your overall standing.

  • Understand the Buyer’s Journey and Content Operations

For forward-thinking sales teams, using content through the entire sale process has always been a priority. There has been a trend toward sales enablement. It is the act of giving your sales staff the resources they need to hone core skills to complete deals.

You must tie information to appropriate consumer journey points designed to answer all FAQs. The website should provide useful facts and data and guide your clients toward making a purchase. Proper marketing management will increase your sales.

  • Create an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs include collaborating with influencers. They allow your consumers to sell for you. An affiliate is an individual who gets compensated for each sale. They also get paid for each recommendation that occurs through their website or social media. Affiliates significantly affect the number of individuals who learn about the company’s products and services. They advertise by talking about it. You can take some online marketing courses to learn more about affiliates.

A robust social media presence is a critical component of a wider strategy. It helps to increase product acknowledgement and fosters a favourable reputation. Brands utilize social media to provide essential and useful information. Affiliates can use it to respond to queries. Further, they can provide customer support. Then, customers can easily engage with their users and consumers.

  • Try Multi-Channel Marketing

You must be ahead of customers to capture their attention. For this, sell your products through numerous channels and stand out.

Customers prefer to communicate with companies via digital channels in 72% of cases. A sales management team should be equipped to manage all your sales. You must provide your consumers with a variety of options to reach you and interact with your business. Social media existence is crucial in modern marketing.

Multi-channel marketing makes it simple for your consumers to interact with you. They can do it on the platform of their choice. 

  • Take a Look at the Value

Companies in the modern era of marketing survive by the value they give to consumers. You are no longer merely a firm that sells a product. Instead, you must provide excellent material and information to your audience.

Further, you should be a source of knowledge on industry-related matters. Then, the consumers will form a stronger bond with your business, allowing you to increase your overall order value and cultivate long-term brand loyalty. 

In the modern age of marketing, brands must be more than just brands. They must be both publishers and confidants. By giving important data to consumers, you can provide a better experience for them.


New-age marketing tactics will take your business to new heights. Marketing has changed for the better with the use of the internet. The way businesses and customers engage and develop a brand has evolved. Even the age-old sector of advertising has transitioned to meet these demands, providing customers data and stronger ties with companies. It results in a better overall experience. Reserve your seat in IIM Kozhikode and pursue the Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Sales Management and New-age Marketing from IIM Kozhikode.

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