7 Essential Features of Cyber Security One Should Know

Masters of Science in Cyber Security

7 Essential Features of Cyber Security One Should Know

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Due to the pandemic, every enterprise and organization became largely dependent on technology. In addition, companies maintain their online presence through websites, social media pages, and blogs. A security breach is the biggest threat in all such scenarios. Hence, everyone must know the essence of cybersecurity. Professionals who want to do a cybersecurity job need to know about these core features. In most colleges and universities, Masters in Cyber Security teach all the necessary postures professionals can take to prevent breaches. IU International University of Applied Sciences trains post-graduates with all essential features and skills of cybersecurity. Let us dig into the details of various cybersecurity features.

Essential Features of Cybersecurity

A lot of companies perform their business through the internet. Even the pandemic has brought a new way of working from home using the internet and various online applications. All these activities bring in opportunities for cybercriminals to breach the system. Thus, every professional and organization should gear up the knowledge of understanding the essential features of cybersecurity. Don’t know how? IU International University of Applied Sciences provides a Master’s course to upskill yourself with specialization – a Masters of Science program in Cyber Security is one such course you should opt to solve cybersecurity issues as a professional. A good set of cybersecurity features establishes the first line of defense against attacks & breaches. Here is a checklist one should keep in mind.

1) Coverage for external threats:

According to the PurpleSec 2021’s report, around 27% of cyber attacks and incidents come from external sources. The external threats look like phishing, Denial of Services, vulnerable web applications, malicious email attachments, etc. Therefore, the security applications appended to the corporate system should continuously monitor such external threats. M.Sc. Cyber Security at IU International University of Applied Sciences will provide acute guidance on dealing with external threats.

2) Defense against internal threats: 

Even though most of the cyber threats come from external sources, occasionally, the employee within an organization can pose a threat also. According to the 2020 Cybersecurity Insiders Threat Report, 68 percent of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks. In most cases, internal threats occur due to employee mistakes, misconfiguration, or substandard employee choices, or bad actors. However, a reliable security system and a team of excellent cybersecurity experts can mitigate such threats from an organization. If you want to become a cybersecurity professional, opting for a Masters of Science in cybersecurity will help you understand security norms against internal threats. 

3) Regulatory compliance for security:

Information security is a crucial entity for every firm, whether it is healthcare or finance. Every organization has a unique set of standards, practices, regulations, and compliances for the data and information they collect. Regulatory compliance is also adherence to laws, specifications, and guidelines to business processes. Cybersecurity officers should design the security compliance as per the industry requirement and the geographical location to protect the company’s data from getting into the wrong hands. MS Cyber Security at IU International University of Applied Sciences guides you on preparing regulatory compliances for enterprise-grade security. 

Masters of Science in Cyber Security

4) Cloud-based security services:

Cloud-based security services are the backend brain of various security systems. It has a wide array of tools for analytics and threat intelligence. These services aggregate monitoring endpoints for security and infuse machine learning models to improve the scanning for all-inclusive purposes. Masters in Cyber Security with specialization in cloud guide aspirants to master such skills. 

5) Threat detection, prevention, and response:

According to the survey published by CISO magazine, 35 percent of CISO professionals want an all-inclusive security system that can block almost all (95 out of 100) attacks. Furthermore, they also want that platform to track and provide a spontaneous alert for those attacks that it cannot block. MS Cyber Security or M.Sc. Cyber Security aspirants get training to track down such suspicious activities and eliminate them. They use tools like hardware and software firewalls, network analyzers, SSL/TLS proxy servers, and other apps to detect and prevent breaches.

6) Consolidated solutions:

Cybersecurity solutions must also render a complete panacea to prevent the system (enterprise/individual) from diverse threats. For this, security professionals should know how and where to use anti-spam, anti-viruses, anti-malware, content filters, wireless security, etc. Such comprehensive protection will prevent the system from adversaries while ensuring confidentiality and security of data and enterprise actions. IU International University of Applied Sciences teaches these tools & their work in the Masters of Science program in Cyber Security.

7) Proper security analytics:

Every industry leverages something productive out of good analytics – so the security industry. It is easier to point your finger at calculated and logically predicted threats. A good security analysis also helps in risk monitoring and quickly reacting to the scenario before it happens. 


According to IT professionals, cybersecurity features ensure absolute protection on mission-critical enterprise assets, actions, and data. Medium and large-scale organizations need all the seven security features active for optimum security by adding a few attributes. Those who will opt for M.Sc. Cyber Security or online masters in Cyber Security will come across these multiple cybersecurity features. IU International University of Applied Sciences has a Masters in Cyber Security program that will provide courseware covering all the cybersecurity features and concepts for aspirants and professionals. So, If you are a true cyber-warriors who wants to improve your cybersecurity knowledge, get your Master’s Degree in Cyber Security from IU International University of Applied Sciences today.

Masters of Science in Cyber Security

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