5 Reasons Why a DBA Program Is the Launchpad to Success

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5 Reasons Why a DBA Program Is the Launchpad to Success


The general slowdown in the Indian economy has also affected salary hike trends in the Indian job market. With the highest average salary hike seen in 2011 at 12.6%, the number has only declined since then, reaching 8.8% in 2020. Unlike earlier, where years of experience gave some brownie points to applicants, achieving that dream salary package is getting more challenging without adding something significant to your profile. Higher education is one such element that can potentially give one the highest returns over a lifetime. 

If you are an experienced professional with more than five years of experience, a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the right choice to expand your professional skills and network to reach the C-Suite level. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration degree:

  • Stand apart from the crowd:

A master’s degree (MBA) is quite popular in the field of management. Almost everyone who wants to pursue a career in management springs for an MBA today.

However, when you take a step ahead and decide to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration, it displays your willingness and grit to excel in your field of interest. Thus, this degree will help your resume stand out easily from other applicants while applying for any job. The recognition will only increase if the DBA degree is awarded by internationally recognised institutes like the Swiss School of Management. 

  • Command a higher compensation:

All hiring managers, irrespective of the type of jobs they are hiring for, prefer an excellent educational background in their applicants. When applicants with higher education also have the relevant experience, they can command a higher level of compensation from the hiring managers. This is primarily because your education brings a higher level of skills to the table that regular applicants may not possess.

Nowadays, more and more higher-level jobs require people to possess subject matter expertise. Gone are the days when people could slowly and steadily climb up the corporate ladder based on tenure alone. Today’s job market requires one to be up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills, apart from possessing extensive work experience.

Thus, if you have already gained a decent amount of work experience, it is time you upgrade your education to prime for the next level in your career and receive the compensation you deserve. Completing a program such as the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Swiss School of Management will also help you gain insights into business and management practices and international networking opportunities, thus improving your job prospects. 

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  • Apply for senior leadership positions:

A doctoral program is not everyone’s cup of tea. Compared to a master’s degree, doctoral degree coursework is heavier and requires serious aspirants to make it through the program successfully.

A person who completes a Doctor of Business Administration program promises rigour and sincerity to the company that hires them. Thus, hiring managers may prefer you for senior leadership positions, where such qualities are a must to match the job role expectations. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Swiss School of Management is relevant, rich, and academically valid, thanks to the adoption of international standards of higher education. Besides salary increments, it expands your career horizons into C-suite, or executive-level, management positions.

  • ​Move ahead into the field of research:

A doctoral degree in management will help you enhance your research skills. Unlike a PhD in Business Administration, a DBA degree is focused on practically oriented research. Thus, if you are interested in research but keen on working with organisations rather than in academics, you should consider opting for a DBA program rather than a PhD.

As a part of your project during your DBA program, you may get the opportunity to work on close to real-life business problems faced by organisations and conduct fundamental research to provide an innovative solution. Such demonstrated empirical research skills in finance, marketing, or strategic management will help you build a future career in research.

Additionally, this background may allow you to work at big organisations as a consultant to assist them with their top research and development projects. With the requirement to achieve 120 ECTS credits through various Research Methods modules and thesis, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Swiss School of Management will give you an edge in terms of your research abilities.

  • Get a good understanding of how science works:

Education, even at a master’s level, is pretty static and commercial, especially in management. Most of the people who pursue an MBA do so to get a high-paying job. On the other hand, a doctoral degree will help you see the science behind the topics that you study.

For example, unlike an MBA program where the focus of ‘operations’ may be on solving day-to-day scheduling problems in manufacturing units, the focus of ‘operations’ in a Doctor of Business Administration program may be on developing the best scheduling practices to reduce the costs of production.

Being a DBA candidate at the Swiss School of Management, you will get this kind of exposure to the application and testing of current theories in business and management through your doctoral thesis. This thorough Doctor of Business Administration program adheres to acknowledged standards of empirical research and offers nuanced insights into the field of global business.

Carefully analyse your aspirations, strengths and prospects before pursuing a DBA degree through online DBA programs. Whether getting a higher compensation, holding a top management position, or even starting your consultancy, you are just a few steps away from achieving the best out of yourself. We hope the information shared above will help you move a step ahead in the right direction. 


If you are interested in a DBA degree and are looking at various alternatives, consider checking out the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Swiss School of Management, the 4th best management school internationally. 

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