5 Myths About Online BCA Programmes That You Need to Know


Over the years, online Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degrees have become incredibly popular, especially in the wake of the pandemic. There are still a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about online BCA programmes that need to be dispelled, despite their rising popularity. 

In order to help you make an informed choice about it, we will examine and debunk some of the widespread fallacies regarding online BCA programmes with this blog.

Myth 1: Online BCA programmes are not as credible as traditional programmes

People assume that online BCA programmes are inferior to conventional, and on-campus BCA degrees are the only one which are valuable. Some individuals think that because Universities providing online education are less rigorous and demanding than traditional programmes, they might have less credibility and value as compared to full-time programmes. 

In reality, online BCA courses from renowned universities are just as legitimate as those offered in an offline mode. Universities offering BCA programmes undergo the same accreditation procedure as conventional programmes, assuring that their students receive an excellent education.

Additionally, as businesses become more aware of the benefits of online education, employers have started considering graduates of online and conventional BCA programmes on equal parameters. 

Myth 2: Online BCA programmes are easier than traditional programmes

The idea that online BCA programmes are simpler than conventional ones is among the most widespread fallacies about them. It is important to dispel this notion because it is unfounded. 

In fact, online BCA programmes are made to be just as demanding and difficult as conventional ones and as compared to conventional programmes, online BCA programmes could demand more self-discipline and motivation. Online BCA programmes demand students to manage their time well, remain on top of their studies, and maintain a high level of self-discipline, in contrast to traditional programmes where students attend classrooms on a regular basis.

However, students in online BCA programmes are frequently required to complete the same assignments and course materials as those in conventional programmes, and they are held to the same expectations for academic performance.

Myth 3: In online BCA programmes there is lack of interaction between the participants and professors

There is a widespread misconception that BCA programmes lack interaction with peers and professors. Some people think that online programmes lack the amount of involvement and interaction that traditional programmes offer because they are impersonal.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many options for interaction with peers and professors in online BCA programmes. In reality, a range of techniques and technology are used in online programmes to encourage interaction between students and teachers. Discussion forums, chat areas, video conferencing, and collaboration platforms are some of these ways.

Additionally, online BCA programmes give students flexibility in terms of when and how they want to communicate with their teachers and peers. The flexibility of participating in online conversations and group projects enable students to manage their academic obligations with jobs and other commitments seamlessly.

Myth 4: Online BCA programmes are not as affordable as traditional programmes

First of all, in conventional programmes maintenance of physical infrastructure like classrooms and labs can be expensive, online programmes do not need them. This implies that tuition costs for online studies can be lower than full-time programmes. Online programmes also sometimes provide more flexible schedules, enabling students to pursue full or part-time jobs while pursuing higher education.

Also, students enrolling pursuing higher education in online mode save the cost of commuting to and from campus as well as other costs related to on-campus living. Since many online programmes offer electronic versions of various study materials such as textbooks or grant access to online libraries, students can also save on other costs. 

Online courses occasionally provide scholarships and financial aid, much like conventional courses do. As a result, before making a choice, students should consider all the alternatives and weigh the prices of both traditional and online courses.

Myth 5: Online BCA programmes do not prepare students to face the real business world

Online BCA programmes are made to give students the necessary knowledge and abilities to succeed in the workplace. In fact, many if them are designed such that students can work on capstone projects, internships, and other types of practical learning to get real-world experience.

Additionally, online BCA courses frequently offer courses that are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the tech industry, ensuring that students are given access to the most recent information and training. Also, with the help of these programmes, students get a chance to network with professionals and experts in the sector, which can help them learn a lot about the industry and establish contacts with the desired companies. 

For instance, Online BCA Programme – Manipal University Jaipur, is one of the finest programmes as it provides the participants with the global tech perspective, hands-on experience, free access to Google Cloud Computing Foundations and much more.

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