5 Benefits of General Management for IT Professionals Certificate Program



The current business environment necessitates a wide range of skills from employees. In the corporate workforce, most companies seek technically advanced employees who can efficiently comprehend the business environment and can apply these skills to increase the financial value of the company. An IT professional possesses the knowledge and technical know-how required for roles involving technology. However, to reach the top positions in a company, knowledge is a must. These professionals can readily gain this kind of knowledge through the General Management for IT Professionals programme.

IIM Kozhikode conducts a 12-month completely online General Management Programme for IT Professionals. It is a multi-disciplinary General Management Programme that teaches various topics, including functional topics of management, such as Business Statistics, Contemporary Issues in IS, Data Visualization, Emerging Technologies & Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship & New Ventures.

Benefits Of General Management For IT Professionals Certificate Program

The General Management for IT Professionals certificate programme by IIM Kozhikode has many benefits. The GMIT programme equips IT professionals with the fundamental business management training and education they need by providing them with up-to-date contextual information on current general management concepts. Some of the most important advantages it offers are as follows:

  • Improvement in leadership qualities

A general management course focuses on leadership development, which, in turn, guides the participants through evaluating their approach to work and managerial abilities. The training results in the necessary developments and adjustments in leadership skills, making the professional an improved and more productive manager at work. The General Management for IT Professionals Programme also investigates selected case studies to determine how to resolve a specific workplace problem. Developing a strategic mentality and improving market acumen are also outcomes of a general management program. As a result of these characteristics, they are better suited for managerial positions.

  • Learning on the go

Online learning has several benefits, including ease of study, choice of time, and setting the participant’s own pace of learning. The ability to continue with one’s profession while pursuing a programme has numerous financial, educational, and work-life benefits that need to be highlighted. Also, the subject matter handpicked for the course is of the highest quality and is delivered virtually by experienced faculty from IIM Kozhikode. The participants also get the opportunity to interact with the educators through virtual live sessions.

  • Increase in confidence

The most significant benefit of the general management programme is increased confidence. IT professionals entering the workforce without managerial experience do not fully understand how businesses work or should be managed. They can narrow the skills gap with the help of this programme that will surely strengthen their motivation and self-belief, and the possibility of success increases when an executive manages the work with more skills and confidence. The self-assurance of a professional can persuade others to join them and endorse their ideas and leadership.

  • IIM Kozhikode Executive Alumni status

Participants who complete the programme would be qualified for the prestigious IIM Kozhikode Executive Alumni status. IIM Kozhikode will then send these participants the alumni registration information. The institution offers participants with alumni status membership, which provides a broader professional network, university benefits, and a sense of community with fellow management experts.

  • Enhancement in problem-solving skills

Problems inevitably arise in any company or organization, and a manager must resolve them efficiently and promptly. More than the ability to make decisions, these concerns require people with problem-solving mindsets and expertise to address them. During the programme, the participant will deal with several case studies that discuss common problems an organization can face in its various departments. These case studies ensure that the learner has first-hand experience solving real-world business problems with utmost precision.

  • Providing the necessary skills for a management position

Young and experienced IT experts must broaden their perspectives to be successful in their management careers. They must have a basic understanding of management tactics, including strategic vision, teamwork, development strategies, communication skills, and conflict resolution. In addition to their specialized technological roles and industry expertise, these young professionals should be able to perform management roles with adaptability and intelligence. The General Management for IT Professionals Programme provides training to build these necessary skills.


The increasing demand for management skills among IT professionals has given rise to the popularity of advancing into a management programme online through Executive General Management Programmes. The General Management for IT Professionals Programme from IIM Kozhikode offers the perfect blend of learning, case studies, and practical experience required for a management role. 

Register today for the General Management for IT Professionals programme, and get a chance to improve your management skills and advance your career!


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