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Artificial Intelligence is on a boom that is expected to roll out 97 million vacancies MS in AI graduates by 2025. It has immense potential to transform every industry across the globe. Students who are passionate about learning Artificial Intelligence should enrol in an Masters Degree in AI to multiply their chances of selection.

In the meanwhile, let us understand the role of this $57 billion industry in reshaping and strengthening industries around the world.

  • Smart Decision Making

AI is playing a significant role in making smarter and unbiased business decisions. It can effectively manage data delivery, develop data consistency, quantify uncertainties, analyse trends, and provide forecasts. For this reason, almost 90% of businesses are using or planning to use Artificial Intelligence in 2021.

Graduates who opt for the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence will learn to use artificial intelligence more easily for these quick and smart decisions.  

  • Digitised Education

COVID-19 has swiftly transformed the traditional four-walled classrooms into virtual sessions.  AI is doing a commendable job by optimising both teaching and learning. Seeing this, 86% of educators insist that technology should become a fundamental part of the education system.

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program can be the right course for graduates who want to gain insight into AI and Machine Learning.

  • Enriched Customer Experience

Whether it is 24-hours customer service or instant response to queries, over 40% of the customers admit that AI is improving their lives in some way or the other. Thanks to chatbots that are helping businesses to up their game. It effectively shrinks the customer service staff strain and leads to better productivity.

Graduates can enrol for a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program to learn how to use AI to enhance the consumer experience.

  • Medical Advances

Experts believe that AI is going to be the next transformational force in the healthcare industry. It helps in unifying machines and the mind by brain-computer interfaces and developing next-generation medical tools. 

Graduates who study the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from IU International University of Applied Sciences will learn to use these complex interfaces through simple application methods.

  • Smart Marketing

Over 86% of businesses admit that AI is now a mainstream technology in their daily operations? Why? Because AI marketing now takes care of their data analysis, media buying, and content generation. Moreover, features like natural language processing, automated decision making, and real-time personalisation also help in optimising their marketing efforts.

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence helps graduates gain expertise in smart marketing through a real-time syllabus curated by the best in the field.

  • Business Continuity

Artificial Intelligence has become a valuable ally for businesses in 2021, thanks to its advanced analytics. It helps in correlating buyer behaviour, habits, events, geolocation data, systems, attitudes, and movements. The AI-powered tools also prepare companies for unforeseen situations and enable them to respond to them proactively. 

Companies prefer to hire MSc Artificial Intelligence graduates for handling these advanced tools. Students who want to make their careers in AI should consider the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program to gain an upper hand in the selection process. 


  • Minimising Errors

Around 95% of the employees feel that Artificial Intelligence has a positive impact on the productivity of their industry. It is why 48% of businesses rely on AI tools and machine learning to address their data quality issues. These tools help streamline complex data, leaving the executives with accurate and crisp data to work upon.

Graduates who pursue a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence can effectively streamline complex data with the help of AI tools and minimise errors. 

  • Manage Repetitive Tasks

Executing recurring tasks is time-consuming and can compromise productivity. Companies are relying on AI-powered automation tools to solve such issues. These tools imitate human actions within digital systems and quickly processes repetitive tasks without any intervention of manual efforts.

The IU International University of Applied Sciences offers the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Program to help graduates gain expertise on these AI-powered automation tools.

  • Enhanced Business Efficiency

Consistency and accuracy of AI-powered tools are the two factors that are impressing industry leaders across the globe. 79% of the executives who have done Masters in Artificial Intelligence feel that AI makes their jobs simpler. Similarly, 54% of employees acknowledge that AI has been instrumental in boosting their productivity. All these things are increasing the efficiency of the industries. 

Pursuing a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program will help graduates boost business efficiency and become an asset for their companies.

  • Research and Data Analysis

AI helps in designing predictive algorithms and models to process complex data. It also helps in understanding the probable outcomes of various scenarios and trends. The next-generation computing capabilities provide accurate and processed data for the research and development of the industries. When done manually, these tasks can take a very long time.

A Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program can help the graduates learn the nuances of research and data analysis with the help of AI.

Graduates who want to gain expertise in Artificial Intelligence should scroll through the wide range of professional Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence offered by IU International University of Applied Sciences.

Hurry up and enrol now for the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program today! 


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