10 reasons to consider a career in IIM Kozhikode Advanced Supply Chain Management and Role of Analytics

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Supply Chain Management is of high importance in this disruptive world of economy. The demand for goods and services is never-ending and needs to be met for the successful operation of any company. The field of supply chain management is broad in itself, and there are many positions. Individuals choosing to pursue careers in supply chain management are aware of how rewarding and exciting the industry can be, and the use of analytics, it drives a deep understanding of the industry. Hence, we see many professionals looking forward to upskilling in the field of the supply chain.

In this blog post, we have elaborated on 10 reasons to opt for IIM Kozhikode’s programme on Advanced Supply Chain Management and the Role of Analytics.

A fast-growing industry

The supply chain industry is growing at a fast pace. With new companies and businesses emerging, the scope of sourcing goods, distribution, sales, and demand fulfilment is increasing. This helps broaden the work opportunities and speeds up the growth of the industry.


The supply chain is kept intact even during economic recessions and social issues. An example of the same will be the nature of supply chain management during the pandemic and the post-pandemic era. The pandemic disrupted supply chains all over the world. However, a more intelligent and resilient supply chain management trend soon bounced back in the post-pandemic era.

Skill development opportunities

The IIM Kozhikode online courses on Advanced Supply Chain Management and the Role Of Analytics can guide individuals to achieve a competitive edge in the supply chain management marketplace. Develop an in-depth understanding of conventional supply chain management and the obstacles it faces during unexpected events like a pandemic. Learn the various supply chain analytics techniques and tools to upskill yourself and earn operational and managerial excellence.

Career development opportunities

Individuals can rapidly grow in this field with some advanced degrees. One can elevate from entry-level jobs to leadership roles rapidly. Those aiming for higher roles can opt for the IIM Kozhikode online courses on supply chain management.

Availability of jobs locally

Along with regional hotspots, companies use local offices for storing and distributing goods. Manpower required for these offices is often hired from nearby areas. Thus, new job opportunities are created locally.

International travel opportunities

International travel is a prerequisite for several logistics jobs. These foreign trips do not provide much scope for tourist activities but can pave one’s way into planning for a career abroad.

Multiple career options

The area of supply chain management is extensive and comes with many tasks. One can be in the wholesale section, warehousing section or postal services. There are many positions, including Procurement Analyst, Logistics Manager, Distribution Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Senior Consultant, Warehouse Operations, Business Analyst, Purchasing Manager, Operations Research Analyst, Director of Operations, Project Manager and Procurement Manager.

Development of decision making ability

A digital supply chain depends on technological advancement and better insights into all steps of a supply chain process. This allows each participant involved in the process to make a better decision from the sourcing to the product delivery. IIM Kozhikode’s Advanced Supply Chain Management And Role Of Analytics helps the students better understand the industry’s challenges and develop an ability to make better decisions in demanding situations.

Networking opportunities and transferable skills

People working in the supply chain industry regularly meet people belonging to various fields. Over time, one can easily build a strong network within and outside the industry. In addition to that, the skills learnt in the supply chain industry can be used in obtaining different jobs like project manager, business analyst and operation manager in other industries as well.

A satisfying and interesting career

The supply chain industry contributes to the country’s economy via demand fulfilment and job creation. The opportunity for practical skill development makes the jobs more rewarding, and the advancement of technologies makes the field more interesting. High-paying jobs may allure many towards the industry, but job satisfaction ensures longer employment.

Improved supply chain management can increase the overall efficiency of operations. Hence, companies are always trying to take positive steps towards making their supply chain management work smoothly. This positive step includes hiring the required manpower as well. Getting a job in supply chain management will be easy, and as one continues to work, it will be a complete learning process. To make a career in supply chain management, you can belong to any academic background. Nonetheless, feel free to check out the IIM Kozhikode courses on supply chain management and advance your career quickly.

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