10 Facts about Strategic Human Resource Management Programme

10 Facts about Strategic Human Resource Jaro

10 Facts about Strategic Human Resource Management Programme


Due to the new and varying demands in Human Resources today, traditional Human Resource Manager Courses are no longer popular among students. Strategic Human Resource Management, the latest HR method that tackles organizational concerns and directly contributes to protracted goals, is in high demand among students today. One of the most pertinent goals of HRM is to boost productivity and maintain an environment that helps to foster new ideas in a spirit of competitiveness. However, in most cases, students find themselves struggling to find the best universities or colleges which offer this programme and  end up dropping out or abandoning the stream.

IIM Trichy offers one of the best one-year certificate programmes for learning Strategic Human Resource Management keeping in mind the expanding frontiers of the business world. Let’s discuss the HR courses in Strategic Human Resource Management, which can be pivotal to an understanding of the domain of human resource management.

10 Facts about Strategic Human Resource Management Programme:

IIM Trichy is one of the premier institutes in India for studying its Human Resource Management Programme. The facts about this famous programme are as follows:

  • This programme is crafted exclusively for working professionals looking to make it big in the HR domain. The curriculum prepares the executives and the managers for the various challenges that arise in an organizational setup and offers an insight into the newest strategic human resource management concepts and techniques.
  • It is one of the best Human Resource Manager Courses because of its top-notch interactive campus experience as well as the standing of the institution. IIM Trichy ranks among the top 8 schools in India for its participatory and case study-based training among peers from numerous sectors. 
  • The SHRM programme spans over 12 months with a blended model of education that encompasses classroom training that is both focused and engaging, with two-way interactions accessible through HD Virtual Classrooms, making it one of the best HR courses online
  • Working professionals can opt for this HR course as per their requirements because the objective of the programme is to understand the implications of the department across various industries and stakeholders. It prepares them for real-life experiences and opportunities in the field of Human Resource Management
  • Many professionals struggle with decision-making skills, and this course helps develop strategic thinking and excellent decision-making skills. This programme provides infinite opportunities for students who want to make a career in this field by giving them a chance to thrive in Strategic Human Resource Management. The strategic thinking and people-centric approach of the programme contribute to smooth business operations.
  • To be successful in the real world, professionals require practical experience. This programme provides practical experience in operations aligned with different functional dimensions of the programme and differentiates between strategic and operational human resource management. 
  • The SHRM programme helps students understand business strategies, corporate strategies, and human resource management integration with finance, marketing, and operations, among others. 
  • The content of the Strategic Human Resource Management Programme is neatly categorized into eight modules containing topics including general management, the role of human resource managers, operational human resource management, understanding strategic human resource management, business strategies, corporate strategies, and the integration of Human Resource Management. 
  • This programme focuses on day-to-day administrative responsibilities such as recruitment, selection, and management, paired well with leadership and cultural skills. Strategic planning is an essential role of all Human Resource managers. The Strategic  Human Resource Management Programme ensures a well-planned curriculum for the students who want to focus on this field. 
  • The SHRM programme helps maintain financial stability while trying to achieve goals, addressing key issues, avoiding crises, and achieving the overall success of the organization. It teaches to effectively use the latest techniques and concepts in the real world of business and human resources management. 

The Strategic Human Resource Management programme by IIM Trichy famously classifies as one of the most elite programmes of study and career development. Their technology-based education allows students to study from anywhere. However, students are required to have at least three years of experience to start this particular course. 

Working professionals who apply for this course must have at least 50% in graduation from a recognized college or university and three years of work experience. If they are SC/ST applicants, they must have a minimum of 45% in their graduate degree. Candidates for this course are selected based on their statement of purpose and their academic qualifications.

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