A day in the life of a Data Scientist

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A day in the life of a Data Scientist

The pandemic tailwinds are now accelerating major shifts in the world of work. Even Data Scientists professionals who were once hit by the headwind of pandemic are gradually overcoming the obstacle and reaching great pinnacles of success.

With the rising popularity of digital workspace, remote working grew much larger and supported digital transformation. Nowadays, a typical day for a data scientist is like welcoming new challenges in data and prevailing them through in-depth data analysis using their personal workspace. They acquire new opportunities through learning new elements and solving data-related problems.

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Still curious about finding insight on what exactly is a day in the life of a data scientist.

Let us help you decode and guide the world’s most demanding job role.

  • Identifying the Data Science Problem

From the first hour of the workday, a data scientist will manage time, to outline the tasks at hand. Before starting on mitigating bias or presenting relevant findings, a data scientist will gather raw data and explore it. 

Depending on their job responsibilities, data scientist will spend on an average 40% of their time on research and simulations. Having defined the business problems, the next important activity for a data scientist is to identify the data sources and analyze the available information. 

  • Scale new heights, faster with in-depth Data Analysis

After deciding on an approach to solving the data-related problem, the data scientist would perform in-depth Data Analysis. The process would involve building machine learning models, validating the model built, applying algorithms to statistical analyze it. The data science experts’ compares the results with several approaches such as:

  • Data mine and analyze to optimize performance
  • Analyze products using predictive or forecast modelling
  • Developing data models, algorithms and tools(Tableau, Python, and R, etc.) for quality management
  • Preparing reports on new build models
  • Using data visualization and A/B testing framework tools ﹘ experimenting with their models for finding the best possible solutions towards success. 

On an estimate, coding does take 65 – 75% of the time of a data scientist’s day. 

  • Lucrative Data Projects beyond the norms of coding

A typical job role for a data scientist is more than just wrangling and analyzing structured or unstructured data. For actionable business plans, data scientists would communicate insights to the stakeholders and leverage data optimisation opportunities. Thus, empowering towards brilliance for the organization.

Approximately, data scientists spend 35% of their time communicating in house teams, cross-functional departments and stakeholders. 

Moreover, a data scientist would be responsible for handling distractions and delays, unpacking the data, minimum viable programs, managing meetings, and thinking about the big picture.

Believe us, the best way to know what exactly is like to work as a data scientist is to spend the day with one and observe their working pattern. You’ll understand how to use new-age skills to interpret results and identify business problems.

  • Data Science and Rotman School of Management- The perfect combination

Ever since the emergence of Artificial Intelligence became popular to businesses, the Data Scientists career is on a roll. With many enterprises intending to invest in data-driven solutions, the demand for data scientists is surging high. 

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The Advanced Data Science certificate program is curated for professionals to elevate their analytical thinking, innovative capabilities, and make data-driven decisions to channel business growth. This 10-month virtual data science program pedagogy enables exposure to examine the subjects and concepts in the real business world. 

You can leverage internationally recognized instructors who have extensive industry experience. The program prepares you to match up with the data science roles and overcome  data related challenges in this modern business world. 

  • A roadmap to success

With the rising demand for data scientists in India, creating an upward career arc and generous pay exposure upskilling has become crucial. 

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