Krutika: 5 adorable & frightening habits she contains

HR is one of the toughest departments to work in because you are expected to deal with all kinds of human beings, even the one which are not like you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Krutika for you dealing with all sorts of creatures on a daily basis, and creating history with her witty comments … Read more

Farah Khan-My Story-My Life!!!

“I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart not the head” -Princess Diana While she chronicles her story, Farah Khan infuses the concept of leadership into her life at every stage; she has been at the forefront taking charge of the people following her. She States: “Leadership is making others better … Read more

Dr. Vaijayanti Pandit –An Inspiring Leader

A Blend of the Best, the Right Elements for a Leader @ Jaro Education Her message for JARO employees reads: “Work is worship, only work leads to empowerment.” While in a crowd of uncountable individuals, you look out for that special individual you would like to talk to or just plain feel nice in the … Read more