“Upskilling” during great attrition across the world

Upskilling during great attrition across the world Blog

In today’s digital world, businesses are experiencing rapid changes. The onset of a Covid19 crisis highlighted the need for everyone, from employees to leaders, to upskill and be able to deal with new types of challenges. For example, an effective strategy is “upskilling” oneself as a means of equipping yourself with the required skills to succeed in both work and life.
The belief that jobs can not only survive, but even thrive in the wake of technology, is drawing an ever-dwindling number of people back to industries and arenas they had previously abandoned in favor of working with machines. This reemergence has also been ignited by rapid developments in artificial intelligence. Thankfully there are many ways where a simple “upskilling” can help one remain competitive in a changing environment using their currently available skills.
As more and more outsourcing is being performed by AI, the unemployment rate is steadily on the rise as well. The result? “Upskilling” has become a hot topic among those who have chosen not to throw out the baby with the bath water and still consider themselves useful members of society with something unique to offer.
As we progress in our careers, it is inevitable for some of us to reach a point where our scope of responsibilities will increase significantly. There could be the need to start working in a new role which is normally accompanied by some level of increased responsibility, and often times also accompanied with additional upskilling and reskilling that helps one get familiar with their job and its domain. In order to be successful in this new position, as well as achieve desired results from the organization as a whole, it would always be helpful if employees were aware of the barriers they might face while adapting to their responsibilities – so that they can take corrective measures in preparing and planning for these potentially difficult experiences ahead.

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Why upskilling is beneficial:

Upskilling, if done correctly and at the right time, can have a beneficial effect on your career in more ways than you may think. These include:

Increase chances of your employability:

Basic skills are not enough to seek a job. Companies today look for expertise and experience coupled with agility. Upskilling allows you to acquire new skills that open doors to new and better job opportunities. Also with a full skill set, you are more adept to take on more responsibilities and managerial roles if needed.

Ensure job security:

There is no lifelong security in any job unless you want to drag yourself into some irrelevant government job. To ensure continued job security or better employment prospects, it makes sense to continually learn and unlearn on the job and seek expertise to boost your knowledge and experience. Besides, it has an increasing effect on your experience which shows on your resume too.

Enhance your credentials:

You could be more than ready to leave your current position and start something new. However, without include fresh credentials on your present résumé, this is not achievable.

Forge new careers:

Many people find themselves trapped in careers they may not be enthusiastic about. You can rekindle old hobbies or discover new ones via upskilling. This not only advances your work but also aids in the growth of your personality.

Network with new people:

You can meet like-minded individuals while taking new courses who might provide you with fresh insights or pointers on how to improve your knowledge and abilities. Additionally, some of these courses entail networking at events or participating in webinars, which expose you to new people and allow you to examine things from a fresh viewpoint.


Employees are figuring out how to remain relevant in the modern world. No matter what is going on in the world, they want to go up and assume new tasks and responsibilities. They will upskill themselves and search for chances where they can use their skills to the fullest if they can’t find room for growth within their organisation. This will greatly aid their personal development. Companies, however, risk losing highly qualified workers. By taking initiative, they can provide their staff members with the chance to gain new skills and discover useful job prospects within the company.

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