Rising Fast-Paced Managers: Developing 2X Organisational Growth

Rising Fast-Paced Managers Developing 2X Organisational Growth Blog

When a person’s professional appeal improves, it directly impacts the organisation for which they work. One of the first things recruiters look at while browsing employment portals or other resources for professional recruitment is the candidate’s education and future goals.
Employers are usually pleased to aid when they have an employee that is willing to upskill their education while remaining loyal to the firm. They know that an MBA degree will benefit their staff and themselves in various ways.

What role will fast-paced managers play in achieving 2X organisational growth?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has a long-standing excellent reputation in a variety of industries, and for good reason: it provides current and future executives with the knowledge and abilities they need to drive high-level business strategy. However, businesses are increasingly considering the value of a degree and how it may help the company’s growth, sustainability, and innovation.

Benefits to Businesses:

Leadership Qualities

MBA students engage in leadership practice and the development of organisational qualities from the beginning to the end of their programme. Leadership is the first thing that students take, and it serves to establish the groundwork for understanding how leadership fits into all of the other disciplines they will study in the future. Students who study online can swiftly apply what they’ve learned in class to real-world business issues at work.
MBAs will have established a comprehensive view of the business world by the time they graduate, and as a result, they will be more suited to lead through the lens of business as a whole, rather than just their section or department of specialisation. This fosters a more coherent, thoughtful, and collaborative work environment.
Professionals will develop better self-discipline and conflict-solving skills, increase their communication skills, and gain confidence as a result of the MBA’s difficult character. These are just a few of the characteristics and development outcomes gained by MBA students, all of which contribute to their development as leaders.

Foresee Bigger Picture

MBA students devote a large amount of time to business analysis and building a wide awareness of what others are undertaking in corporate world, as well as what has and has not worked in the past. As a result, they graduate with a current understanding of business and its complicated concerns.
An MBA student’s ability to think tactically is tested and strengthened by analysing and solving various business difficulties.

Long-term Thinking

Employers are looking for personnel that can help them expand and sustain their businesses in the long run. Students gain a grasp of how each core business competency performs, as well as how company actions can affect each function, through the extensive and interconnected structure of the course curriculum. In today’s changing business environment, an MBA’s holistic grasp of a company will enable him or her to contribute to reaching a sustainable position.
MBAs can improve the organisation’s growth, strategic direction, systems, and management by gaining new information and confidence.

Networking opportunities

The networking opportunities you’ll have during your Executive MBA will not only benefit you in your future business endeavours, but they’ll also benefit your company. You will encounter candidates from other organisations, industries, regions, and countries while studying, allowing you to develop a heightened global vision. The knowledge received from these meetings, the points of the debate, will help bring a fresh outlook to workplace, along with contacts in the proper industries to help new ideas thrive.
Dayananda Sagar University’s Executive MBA provides the key to long-term career advancement in the field of management. The curriculum is tailored to working professionals, with flexible online classes and alternate weekend on-campus classes that can be accessed from anywhere, allowing them to advance in their corporate responsibilities at their leisure. The programme is bifurcated into modules and learning for 17 months.
Among new universities, the university is placed fourth. In addition, ASSOCHAM has named the DSU as one of the finest developing universities in South India for 2019.


Designed especially for working professionals, the DSU EMBA degree is a crucial step to fasten career growth and upskill with contemporary learnings of the industry. Be future-ready with subjects like Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Learn from the prestigious faculties from Global B-schools like MIT Sloan, Columbia & Carlson.
Learning from the EMBA programme will help you be exceptional in your job and help your organisation with 2X growth.


  • Why doing an executive MBA a good career choice?

The executive MBA is a great way to advance your career because it is designed for anyone who wants to upskill and stay relevant in their current sector. An MBA can improve your professional marketability and raise the quality and quantity of work options available to you.

  • What skills do you inculcate by doing an MBA?


  1. Online MBA degree programmes provide many possibilities to develop your soft skills in addition to giving a solid foundation in business tactics and technology. In order to
  2. advance your career with an executive MBA, you will need to develop critical abilities such as:
  3. Interpersonal and communication skills
  4. Leadership and teamwork skills
  5. Analysis, research, and risk management skills
  6. Strategic thinking skills
  7. Entrepreneurial skills and innovation


  • What salary should one expect after an executive MBA?

After an executive MBA, one can expect a salary of between 4-7 LPA, depending on the job profile. Moreover, with experience, one can expect the salary to increase too.

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