How does the Leadership Programme at IIM Indore aid in Developing Extraordinary Leaders?

How does the leadership programme at IIM Indore aid in developing extraordinary leaders - IIM Indore

Leaders are the backbone of any organisation. With their capacity to organise and form networks, they can assist companies in breaking barriers and reaching new heights. Through the right assistance, leadership qualities can be inculcated in individuals. This is where corporate, and public leadership programmes come to the rescue. India’s leading B school, IIM Indore provides a Programme on Public & Corporate Leadership in a VUCA World which is backed by Jaro Education’s exclusive placement assistance and career guidance services. This programme aims to help leaders get exposure to a wide range of social science disciplines such as psychology, political sociology, public policy, and international relations. The programme covers lots of areas which aren’t paid heed to by most of the other similar programmes. Management personnel in the middle and upper levels along with senior functionaries in civil society organizations can attend this programme for a noticeable growth in their career. This programme is primarily designed for those in Strategy and International Business, as well as those in other senior positions. Furthermore, participants with experience as Legal professionals in organisations, Economists & Research Scholars, C-Suite Professionals, Consulting Professionals, Political Leaders, Government roles, Defense Leaders, and so on are welcome to attend.

A paradigm shift is a common happening in the fastly progressing world. And to be at par with the new developments, it is essential to learn the minute aspects and intricacies. Top corporate leadership programmes must provide interactive sessions to understand the essence of leadership.

By pursuing the IIM Indore leadership programme, you will come out to be an extraordinary leader. It will help you find solutions to the most challenging problems by learning cross-boundary collaboration, diversifying your perspective, and acquiring organisation management skills.

How Leadership Development Leads to Success?

Leaders decide the fate of an organisation. A corporate leader can bring sustainable growth to an organisation through efficient management and execution skills. Here’s how leaders play a pivotal role in an organisation:

Creating strategies and driving execution:

A leader can identify the gaps at various organisational levels and create and execute strategies to make the overall business process smooth and productive.

Attracting talents and retaining them:

A great leader can attract, retain and inspire high-performing employees. This helps induce a sense of ownership among the employees and reduces attrition.

Focusing on the bottom line:

Better resource management can improve any company’s bottom line, but a great leader doesn’t stop here. Leadership development can also help leaders to identify and create new lines of revenue.

The development of leadership traits means you earn the ability to manage in a disruptive world. It helps you to unlock impossible potential and lead your organisation towards outstanding achievements.

Here’s what makes IIM Indore’s Corporate and Public Leadership in a VUCA World exclusive:
A public or corporate leadership programme takes you a step forward to being an ideal leader. The Corporate and Public Leadership Programme in a VUCA World by IIM Indore is strategised to create a robust pipeline of leaders who can contribute to social welfare by attending to the broader interest of the public.

But what makes this programme different from the others? This programme is uniquely designed to address the public leadership aspects of a wide range of social science disciplines, unlike other corporate leadership programmes that primarily highlight leadership associated with organisational behaviour and human resources (OBHR). It is an 8 months programme covering disciplines like public policy, psychology, international relations, and political sociology. The programme assists managers in coming up with solutions and increasing their decision-making capability. They learn to negotiate strategies as an integral part of stakeholder management. Throughout the duration of the course, they will get to explore various issues on an individual, organisational, national, and global level.

Objectives of the Programme

This programme has straightforward objectives that ensure positive outcomes post-completion of the session. Primarily there are five objectives of this program.

  • To comprehend the dynamics of organisations, government, and society and efficiently develop public leadership characteristics.
  • To enhance the capability of decision-making through lessons on efficient stakeholder management.
  • To bring new insights into leadership skills in front of the course seekers through various concepts taken from social sciences and progressive and experimental learning sessions.
  • To improve communication skills for the purpose of initiating, developing, and executing path-breaking policies successfully.
  • To create a plan of action for enhancing public leadership skills.
  • To optimise planning and executing planned directions for growth acceleration on both personal and professional levels.
  • Develop Extraordinary Leadership Skills with the IIM Indore Leadership Programme

Through this programme, you can be the best version of yourself. It introduces you to the VUCA (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world. The VUCA world has unique problems that require unique solutions. And to address these problems, you need to have unfathomable leadership qualities. IIM Indore, in collaboration with Jaro Education, has keenly curated this programme to address the drawbacks that keep you from being a leader. It empowers you by depleting your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths. It encourages you to find innovative alternatives for managing people and a company. Post this programme, you can tackle complex societal problems through lessons on value creation and developing strategic advantages. You can assess your company’s position and mitigate associated issues in the blink of an eye. Thus, shaping your leadership skills and attaining the capability to change the dynamics between a business, social relations, stakeholders, and the government.

USPs of the Programme

The programme is meticulously created to help managers fruitfully acquire corporate and public leadership skills.

  • After completing the course, professionals like managers can better understand political risk factors by learning about the evolution of political risk in the last 2.5 decades and future political risks.
  • Acquaint managers and professionals with concepts of political risk management and practically engage in political risk management affairs. They learn it by equipping themselves with tools and frameworks and by planning scenarios for optimal outcomes.
  • After the session ends, managers will gain the ability to estimate political risks in different contexts. They will be able to comprehend various political risk models. Plus, they will attain the skill of anticipating blind spots and drawing an effective response for the situation.
  • This session will enhance management skills that will provide the managers with a competitive advantage.
  • Post the session, managers will get clarity about digital transformation and learn how to implement them when needed.
  • The professionals will have an understanding of the legal and regulatory environment.
  • The performance of the attendees will be monitored through assignments, exams, and quizzes to achieve the objectives righteously.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate from IIM Indore through an on-campus valedictory ceremony.

If you are a manager and want to elevate your leadership skills, this programme will be your perfect resort. IIM Indore has planned this session to make it impactful for everyone seeking it. The objectives are one-of-a-kind and have great usefulness in any manager’s life. Accelerate your skills and reach beyond your limits by going through this life-changing eight months course. And if you want to join a degree course, we at Jaro have a lot to offer. Online Management courses provided by Jaro Education are appreciated by thousands of learners. Plus, the flexible online live classes and courses can help you attain your goals in your busy schedule. We have tied up with the leading B-schools and universities to give world-class and quality executive education programmes for professionals. So, improving your leadership skills is just an enrollment away. 

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