Data Breach – The Root Cause of Hindrance in Organizations

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A security violation in an organization due to which sensitive or confidential data are stolen or copied is termed a data breach. It occurs when any unauthorized user copies, transmit, views or uses confidential data. It takes weeks for businesses to realize that a data breach has occurred and compromised data leads to many unpleasant and expensive consequences. To deal with such instances, cybersecurity experts are needed. Certification for cybersecurity is aimed at imparting the required skills for handling this. Read on to check the root causes of data breaches and how cybersecurity certifications can be helpful.

How data breach is the root cause of hindrance in organizations

Data breach leads to the following consequences:

  • Loss of revenue:

A security breach leads to a loss of revenue. For example, if a website becomes non-functional, potential customers would be tempted to check other websites offering similar services. Similarly, any IT downtime can disrupt work.

  • Tarnishing the brand reputation

Data breach puts the long-term reputation of a firm at stake. For example, if the emails get leaked, it will result in a breach of the information that has customer payment details. Thus, even loyal customers would be reluctant to trust the business again. The chances of getting new customers also get reduced significantly.

  • Intellectual property loss:

When hackers damage the strategies, blueprint, and target designs of an organization, the firm’s competitiveness will get impacted. It increases the chances of rivals taking advantage of the copied information.

  • Increased expenditure:

The data breach comes with hidden expenses related to PR and investigation as well as insurance premium hikes. Sometimes regulatory fines may also need to be paid.

Need for online cybersecurity courses:

As we have seen multiple negative consequences of data breaches, various educational institutions have come up with the best cybersecurity certifications for working professionals, so that they can upskill themselves to learn all techniques for efficiently handling cybersecurity issues and taking measures to prevent severe damage. 

Why choose the Joint International PG Certificate Programme in Cybersecurity Management and Data Science?

IIM Nagpur and The University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology offer the 1-year Joint International PG Certificate Programme in Cybersecurity Management and Data Science. The latter has advanced technology to act as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and innovation. It supports cross-campus research clusters in various areas such as cybersecurity testing, intelligent systems, robotics, electric vehicles, and much more.

Any candidate with a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of work experience can apply for the course. It offers Device to Device mode of delivery and classes are conducted on Sunday evenings to ensure that working professionals can attend those without compromising on their work. 

The following content is included in the course:

    • Foundations of Cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity Management
    • Cybersecurity Management with Effective Organization Communication 
    • Cybersecurity Risk Management and Incident Response
    • Team Management 
    • Regulation & Governance in Cybersecurity 
    • Cyber Systems tools & 7 techniques
    • Data Science and AI in Cybersecurity



Data breaches in organizations cause huge monetary loss. Sometimes the damages are irreparable and prevent the organization from regaining the trust of its clients and customers. This is the reason why organizations need cybersecurity experts, to deal with the loopholes and significantly reduce the chances of loss. Cybersecurity certifications are important. 

Pursuing such certifications from reputed institutions like IIM Nagpur ensures great outcomes as you learn from the experts. Besides this, you can gain real-time experience with regard to protecting cyber systems through a simulated environment.

Looking for a comprehensive course in cybersecurity management? Join IIM Nagpur and The University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology’s Joint International PG Certificate Programme in Cybersecurity Management and Data Science to upskill yourselves and take your career to the next level.


  1. What is a Cybersecurity Management Program?

A cybersecurity management program is a course designed to impart knowledge to candidates for reducing the impact of a cyberattack on an organization. It involves learning to identify and respond to cybersecurity incidents so that crucial information in an organization is protected. 

  1. Why should you choose a Cybersecurity Management Program?

A cybersecurity management program must be chosen to gain deep knowledge related to the national and international standards in cybersecurity regulations and protection of data and hands-on experience of implementing the defensive and offensive approaches and to efficiently deal with cyber attacks.

  1. What should I do after the Cybersecurity Management Course?

After completing the cybersecurity management course, you can apply for various job roles such as vulnerability analyst or penetration tester, cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity consultant, systems engineer, network engineer or architect.

  1. What is the utility of a Cybersecurity Management Program?

A cybersecurity management program is used for learning data-driven storytelling skills for presentations to management and public stakeholders. It helps candidates learn to visualize cyber datasets and acquire key insights to detect threats and manage the vulnerabilities.

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