Basic Data Science Tutorials To Excel in Business

Data science is one of the most demanding sectors with many job openings in the upcoming period. There were about 93500 data science jobs available by August 2020. The boom in the IT sector has resulted in an era where the decisions in the business world are taken through a thorough analysis of the available data. This is done through specific techniques and algorithms to understand the pattern among many raw data. This has resulted in various data science online courses, so the working professionals can learn to efficiently translate the business problem into a practically feasible solution and generate profits.

Basic Data Science Tutorials to Excel in Business

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i. Check out educational websites

Multiple websites and YouTubers have data science tutorials, which can be checked for learning more about it. Besides this, the tools such as Python, R, and others can also be learned in the same way by checking for online courses from reputed sources. However, do you want to get certified at the end of learning this? Check the next point.

ii. Opt for PG in Data Science courses

Various educational institutions offer these. Such online data science courses in India are designed for working professionals to suit their work schedule and still get enough resources to upskill themselves. Pursuing this from reputed institutes is crucial as it helps get guidance from experienced faculties and learn from peers of diverse work experience backgrounds.

For example, PG Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation offered by IIM Nagpur offers case-based learning, personal mentoring, and consultation from faculty. Candidates can learn Tableau, R, Python. stimul8, AI, ML, and many more. Any working professional with at least a 50% score in graduation from a recognized institute and having two years of work experience can join this.

iii. Offline institutes

Check for offline institutions offering like IIM Nagpur offering the Post Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation, but while doing so, make sure to have a thorough scanning of the faculties and facilities offered during the course. Besides this, the learning schedule should be flexible enough to accommodate the availability of working professionals. Pursuing this from reputed institutions like IIM Nagpur has the added advantage of providing the candidate’s PG certificate and alumni status from the college, which will not be possible for most offline institutions.


Data science helps extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data through the use of numerous new-age tools. Reputed institutes offering Data Science Certification Course provide the candidates best exposure to real-time business issues and their resolution, enhancing their way of handling situations in their organization. They can gain a thorough understanding of data structure and data analysis and efficiently make day-to-day organizational decisions.


  • What is Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Program?

This is a 1-year programme offered by IIM Nagpur for working professionals who wish to enhance their decision-making skills, analytical thinking, and potential to innovate through business analytics. 

  • Why do you choose Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Program?

With the boom in the IT sector, there has been a rise in creating content, data, and logs. Choosing the Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Program helps individuals use the new-age tools for reaping benefits for their business by operating efficiently to analyze the data and make decisions/

  • What should I do after Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Course?

After completing this programme, you can explore various domains if you want to switch careers, such as sales, marketing, finance, business intelligence, and others. You can even try applying for famous job roles such as Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Lead, Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Scientist – R/Statistical Modelling, Data Science Manager, Business Intelligence Developer, and others in larger organizations.

  •  What uses the Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme?

Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme includes lectures with case-based discussions related to the real world and hands-on training. Thus, candidates joining the course learn using the new-age tools such as AI, ML, Python, R, and others. Working professionals can implement these to enhance the productivity of their business.

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