Aspiring to be a CEO? Here’s what you need to know

Aspiring to be a CEO

Maintaining Momentum to Ascend to C Level

Patience and endurance is the key to up your A-game every single day in the changing times. Often young professionals and MBA students who aspire to become ambitious CEO’s to drive, lead and inculcate a global mindset — achieve tangible results. Future CEOs must dig deeper with their hunger and thirst to quench success in the modern business world.

Always ask questions before you decide to transcend your career to C-Level. Do you have the potential to climb a notch higher? Do you have the robust skills that will enable you to lead at scale? Are you able to distinguish and absorb resilience through trying times? Finally, you’ll be able to make a leap in the enterprise that you’re hoping to lead one day.

According to the Forbes article, “The Fortune 100 CEOs have a degree in business, economics, or accounting, while 27% studied engineering or science, and 14% law.”

Source: Forbes

Emerging CEOs must learn smart lessons; by following a motto of “go big, go fast or go home.” To become an excellent CEO, one must strive to go beyond the general level of engagement. 

If you are ready to clamber up the greasy pole of success, then you must enroll for IIM Kozhikode- Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management.

For becoming a thriving CEO, discover these quick and hassle-free steps.

  • Pursue Higher Education — Top B School

Everyone wants a great start as a CEO. Life has no shortcuts to teach, everyone has to acquire key qualities towards self-reliance, become literate with Top-Ranked B-Schools and thrive in business.

It’s a well-known fact that a CEO is the highest-ranking C-Level Executive in a company— making major decisions while simultaneously managing its overall growth. Pursuing higher education will help you seamlessly climb upwards to achieve success.

Professionals must excel in distinguishing mindsets and practice using the subjects like International Business, Marketing in a Digital World, Business Economics, etc. From seasoned executives, management advisors and scholars, learning with a holistic pedagogy will help to elevate innovation and business growth. 

  • Focus on Beating the Odds

While riding the road to recover, the biggest challenges are people and processes. Make bold moves early and stay active to allocate resources. Given the number of responsibilities, and pressures that CEOs handle daily, foster business to thrive; impediments to building new companies.

A quick fact: Did you know that 32% of Fortune 100 CEOs previously held the post of CFO? Always learn to manage finance swiftly.

  • Make Big Decisions Smoothly

Do not follow the herd but become a captain of your ship. Make strategic moves with a greater propensity to leverage actions for your enterprise. To become a growth driver of the future, improve result-oriented performance. Mark the helm at the past performance of the company and make strategies to build actionable results. Whether it is for management reshuffling, mergers or acquisitions, new product launches, cost reductions, etc., strive to acquire quantified outcomes. 

  • What does it take to climb to the top, even during a gruesome moment?

Climbing on the top comes with personal drive, thrust and ambition. Professionals needs’ to strike a balance to manage their stress levels and come up with striving strategies to move ahead. 

  • Drive Dynamic Shift

Weighing on the global economy? Develop a dynamic management segment shifting upwards towards growing emerging markets. With the management field being on a high growth trajectory, professionals who want to re-skill in the modern world of work need to develop an in-depth understanding of new-age management. In times of digital renaissance, leverage management strategies to develop the organisation and transit through new management concepts.

  • Future CEOs

Moving forward the future CEOs will be confronted with countless unforeseen issues and challenges in this modern business world of work. To become a growth driver, you will require to transform into an impeccable leader with a breadth of experience. 

Are you intending on a future career as a CEO?

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Transform and operate smoothly in tomorrow’s business world of work; acquire a deep dive into the new-age management aspects. The programme has the world’s best pedagogy and its modules are handpicked to suit recent times. You will be able to learn from eminent IIM Kozhikode’s faculty and develop a conceptual understanding of dynamic management.

Want to reach a new calibre of success?

To climb the corporate ladder and transcend into a CEOs’ profile would become a benchmark in your career graph. Make a smart move by igniting your next degree to gain a career edge with IIM Kozhikode- Advanced Management programme

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