6 Ways Digital Marketing Strategy Course can help

Digital Marketing Strategy, as the name suggests, is about online marketing using digital technologies such as social media, mobile phones, the internet, and similar things. Compared to the traditional marketing strategies, which included prints, billboards, T.V., digital marketing tools are data-driven, provide more personalized content, and are dedicated to defined audiences.
Through digital marketing, data collected over a while is at the fingertips. Every user interaction (touchpoint) has its own set of data which allows them to segment the data and understand the contribution of each touchpoint. Below are a few examples of Digital Touchpoints:

Since more and more businesses are investing in Digital Marketing, bigger budgets, better career choices, and increased pay are a few of the reasons why having a digital marketing certification has become all the more essential. The benefits of a digital marketing course are huge.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategy Course

  1. Due to the excessive demands for professionals in Digital Marketing, the job market is currently wide open and is also offering good pay packages for individuals having proper knowledge of Digital Marketing Strategy. Further, every day, new businesses are coming up, which are creating new jobs for Digital Marketing and internationally; it has gotten to the point where job seekers get the option to choose their preferred company.
  2. Individuals with knowledge of Digital Marketing are generally preferred to other professionals in the same field who do not have this knowledge. Hence, having a certification course in this will give individuals an edge over others.
  3. Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field, and as a result, it is a great opportunity for individuals with a creative heart. With interactions with different audiences, individuals will get the chance to understand how different audiences react to different things and be inspired accordingly.
  4. With technology traveling into all aspects of everyday life, it is important to learn Digital Marketing to stay relevant in today’s world.
  5. Individuals having advanced Digital Marketing Certification will tend to give an impression that they have the drive to take initiatives and would come forward to better the company’s prospects in the future.
  6. The entire domain of digital marketing is based on internet and internet-based concepts. Consequently, most companies allow professionals to work from their location. Individuals have the flexibility to work from the comfort of their homes and also according to their timings.

IIM Nagpur offers a Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Digital Strategy and Marketing Analytics in collaboration with Jaro Education. It provides hands-on experience for working individuals to up-skill their marketing skills. It helps to improve competencies among the managers, expanding their existing industry knowledge and making them ready for the future.

It offers 9 months of blended learning with weekend classes and live and interactive sessions. Students get the opportunity to work on various real-time business problems, digital markstrat simulations, work on their solutions, learn from the experts in the industry, and receive personal mentoring and consultation from the faculty.

The eligibility criteria in the program include a minimum of 50% in graduation from a recognized national or international university and at least 3 years of work experience. This certification program module includes the basics of marketing and contemporary marketing thoughts, advanced level digital marketing and analytics, integrated communication strategies, digital markstrats, devising digital marketing strategies, and exploring cutting-edge digital marketing trends and techniques.

Jaro Education has associated itself with IIM Nagpur to share the program information with interested students for a hassle-free admission to this course. Grab this opportunity to refocus your career on the right track and enroll in the Post Graduate Certificate Programme on Digital Marketing today with IIM Nagpur and Jaro Education.

Admissions Open – Enroll Now!
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