6 Must-Read Books for Data Scientists

6 Must-Read Books for Data Scientists blog
According to timesofindia, there will be an exponential demand for Data Scientists by 2026. There would be 11 million Data Scientist vacancies. It indicates that you have sufficient time to become a board-certified Data Scientist. Besides, when pursuing or planning to pursue, you must read some books that help in a Data Science career. So, which are these books, and how will they help you? Let’s find out. Towards the end of this blog, we have also suggested a university that offers a Data Science certification program. And don’t worry; it won’t affect your current professional career. Isn’t it the best thing? You learn while you earn and prepare yourself for a data-driven world. So, let’s get started.

1. Algorithm to Live By

Author Name

Brian Christian & Tom Griffiths

About the Book:

Algorithm to live by is a book that helps you professionally and strengthens your decision-making ability. The anecdotes mentioned in the book enhance your cognitive skills.

Since you would be pursuing your career as Data Scientist, you must excel at algorithms, data structures, statistics, and probability. All that wealth of information is available in this book.

Don’t expect this book to teach you coding or writing algorithms in different languages. However, this book ensures that by the end of the book, you will be confident of one thing, i.e., all the real-world problems become less complicated, and you will be dealing with them without being worried.

Besides, the authors discuss space-time complexities and optimal searching, but it is formally written in an understandable language. The tone and understandability have convinced us to suggest it to you.

Table of Contents

2. Weapons of Math Destruction

Author Name:

Cathay O’Neil

About the Book:

The book was written by the ex-Director of the Data Science Program at Columbia University, which indicates unquestionable authenticity. A cherry on the top is that the book won the Euler Book Prize in 2019.

The initial impression of the books stated the optimum leverage of online data science and big data in current societal inequalities. The author states the use of big data algorithms in the following sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Policing
  • Financing
  • Education

The book also discusses machine learning systems. As an aspirant or existing Data Scientist, you must know about Data Scientists and socio-economic reliability.

3. Storytelling with Data

Author Name:

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

About the Book:

The author wants you to understand Data Science simply and concisely. He doesn’t want you to remember the complex models and statistics; instead, he wants you to present the data to your stakeholders in an understandable way.

The author uses storytelling concepts to make Data Science and its importance to the readers. Using real-life examples and a balance of theory, the author ensures that the readers understand the concept of Data.

Both conventional and unconventional methods are suggested to interpret Data. Plus, it even discusses how to present those decrypted  Data to your stakeholders.

The author shares his story of how he couldn’t impress the stakeholder despite knowing every nitty-gritty about the Data. The only reason is not being able to present the data to the stakeholders in a presentable way. It is one of the best data science books for beginners who want to know every single piece of information about Data Science.

4. Deep Learning with PyTorch Step-by-Step

Author Name:

Daniel Voigt Godoy

About the Book:

PyTorch is one of the fantastic developments by the Facebook AI Research Team in 2017. Deep Learning is highly impressed with PyTorch. Data Scientists must learn PyTorch since it is a significant tool for developers. 

Since there is a huge demand for PyTorch, its developer and subject matter experts would be in huge demand. The author convincingly explained PyTorch that, from beginners to experts, everyone would easily understand it.

5. Machine Learning Simplified

Author Name:

Andrew Wolf

About the Book:

The book discusses the fundamentals of Machine Learning and how easily it teaches the concept. Machine Learning Simplified is a book that would be useful for several events, such as:

  • Discusses core vitals about Data preparation and modeling 
  • Mentions how mathematics becomes a problem-solver in this concept
  • Mentions convincing examples to discuss complex problems and algorithms
  • Makes Data Science understandable with real-life examples

So, that’s how the book on Machine Learning Simplified becomes one of the best Data Science books to share and suggest.

6. Naked Statistics – Stripping the Dread From the Data

Author Name:

Charles Wheelan

About the Book:

Those statistics lovers, this book would be a treat to you. Not only this book unveils the core of knowledge and communicates with you until the book’s end. And since the author is communicating with you throughout the book, there would be no point in boredom. Every single concept of statistics has been discussed in this book. 

You can expect from a standard theorem to complex examples of real-life and major data analysis to how machine learning works. If you have prior knowledge of statistics, nothing seems alien to you.

As discussed in the introduction, here is the college that certifies you as a Data Scientist.

PG Certificate Programme In Data Science For Business Excellence & Innovation – IIM Nagpur

Getting admitted to this course would unveil the true strengths and weaknesses of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. It fetches potential data that ensures streamlining business routines, ramping sales, and skyrocketing revenues.

IIM Nagpur leaves no stone unturned to make you a qualified Data Scientist. The course discussed various aspects of Data Science with competitive advancement. Online and offline assessments

 and discussions with like-minded professionals would give a broader perspective.

Program Highlights

  • 1- year online data science course
  • Direct-to-Device method
  • Working on real-life problems and solutions
  • Exposure to AL, ML, R, Python, and Tableau
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Case Studies
  • 150-hours interactive learning

Eligibility Criteria

  • 50% in bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
  • 2-years of working experience

We have been following all the books and their authors closely so that we can mention them in our articles. You can pick any or all of them based on your interest in upskilling yourself. Start reading today and enroll yourself in one of the most demanding jobs in the future. Prepare now for a secure future.

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