Entrepreneurship Then and Now!

Entrepreneurship Then and Now!

If we are to speak of ‘Entrepreneurship – Then and Now’, we start with the question, how often have you heard or come across the word “entrepreneur” recently? Almost every other person irrelevant of their field is carrying the title of “entrepreneur”. Why? As Wikipedia defines, an entrepreneur is a person who starts, organises and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

From a time to when leading a business centered on arranging the capital money, to now, where “entrepreneurship” is said to be a state of mind; business leadership has changed leaps and bound. Here are 3 major factors through which entrepreneurship has evolved over the years.


Gone are the days when businesses leaders evolved from the families. Today, establishing or leading a business doesn’t mean having ample of financial background or being the jack of that particular product or industry. While having the knowledge in these areas is still mandatory, there are business leaders coming from various walks of life. The leading positions in the management industry now have women, engineers, doctors, and even artists holding them. With young entrepreneurs who have the instincts for business leadership have been taking up courses like part time MBA causing the rise of a new wave called “Youngpreneurs”. To run and lead an organisation now is easy and that brings a diverse group of people to that position all thanks to the management studies made available through courses like part-time MBA.

Advancement of Technology:

Technology doesn’t spare the business world from the massive change that it brings. Studies say that 70% of the business decisions need to be data driven in today’s date. With ecommerce, automation, and other such innovative phenomenon, every organisation has more and more technical professionals on their radar. For e.g. Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer of Google etc, are business executives while being an engineer too. With the help of part-time MBA courses, many innovators are themselves establishing and running their business with the ease of technology.


Globalisation along with technology has brought the world closer than ever. Entrepreneurship is no longer limited to or bound by the local scenario. In fact, thesedays several companies are going global-first. Many MBA part-time courses have curriculum based on the global business environment in today’s date. This is due to the fact that every organisation is looking to reach its zenith which is being a globally recognised brand. Unlike the old days, today, a business leader can take his company or product to several countries right from his location. India estimates over 59% of improvement in the global economic growth in the coming years making its CEOs the most confident about revenue growth in the coming years as compared to other countries.

While the business world is evolving, entrepreneurs are evolving at a rapid speed and leaving a mark at every innovative step of theirs. If you want to be a part of this dynamic and ever growing world, pave your way to becoming a successful business leader with one of our part-time MBA courses.

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