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The demand for Data Science has been growing in multiple folds, and there is a shortage of skilled Data Scientists. Looking at the demand-supply gap, many professionals from a non-technical background are looking at starting their career in Data Science and Analytics.

But, getting into Data Science for Business requires a certain level of expertise that can be gained when the candidate undergoes training in Data Science degrees from recognised universities like Shiv Nadar University and IIM Nagpur.

How can a non-technical professional enter Data Science?

Data Science has been playing a crucial role in providing information to companies with the help of loads of data. The Data Scientist work on the data provided and analyse it. They submit a report, and based on it, the companies decide business propositions. 

But Data Science and Analytics is not limited to technical professionals. Many professional courses are not looking at the technical educational background so that non-technical professionals can get into this field. Let us look at some ways on how a non-technical professional can make a career in Data Science.

  • Get to know your dream profile – Data Science is a vast field. You need to understand the various job profiles under it and select the profile that suits your professional requirement. Some job profiles are Data Analyst, Data Engineers, Data Architect, Statistical, Data Analyst, Database administrator and others. You need to understand the job requirements in each profile and go ahead with the one suited to you.
  • Choosing the right course – After you have understood your dream profile, you need to undergo professional courses to be an expert in that field. Being from a non-technical background, you need to work hard to join this exciting career. There are different types of professional courses provided by many colleges. The Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Business from Shiv Nadar and Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation programme from IIM Nagpur are among the recognised courses in Data Science and Analytics.
  • Discuss with the experts in the field – There are several experts and professionals in the field with whom you can discuss before making a career move. They can guide you in deciding the right professional course. These experts can introduce you to their networking circle and provide current industry trends, and answer all your queries. For a non-technical professional, having an expert would surely help them in building their career in Data Science smoothly.
  • Build your professional experience – Many companies look for experienced professionals. But there is nothing to lose hope for. Once you have registered for the Data Science degrees, get involved in practical projects that would give you maximum industrial exposure. Along with the course, learn other languages related to Data Science. Discuss with the experts and faculties on undertaking such projects as it would help to build your resume for the job.

The 8-month Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Business from Shiv Nadar University and the one-year PG Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation from IIM Nagpur provides detailed learning of AI, Python, ML, Simul8, NumPy, TensorFlow, and others. The focus of these programmes is to provide maximum industry exposure and involve you with real-life business problems. You get to learn from the experts and interact with industry experts, thus expanding your professional network.


Data Science and Analytics is a promising field, and it is growing in stature because of the growing demand for information. Many non-technical professionals are looking into breaking into this field, but they need to follow certain guidelines to make their transition smooth. For the non-technical looking to pursue professional courses in Data Science, visit IIM Nagpur and Shiv Nadar University and enrol for the course.


  • Which is the best course for Data Science Online?

There are various courses for Data Science, and the candidates need to select the course as per their professional requirements. The courses provided by IIM Nagpur and Shiv Nadar University are among the reputed universities providing Data Science degrees.

  • Can I learn data science in 3 months?

There are certain short-term courses available where you can learn the basics of Data Science. But to have a detailed understanding, you need to undergo PG and certificate courses available. 

  • Can I become a data scientist with online courses?

Yes, if you undergo professional courses from reputed universities like IIM Nagpur and Shiv Nadar University that provide postgraduate and certificate courses.

  • Which degree is best for Data Science?

The postgraduate degree is the best for Data Science as it would provide a detailed understanding of Data Science and Analytics. Pursuing it from a reputed university would prove beneficial for non-technical in pursuing a career in Data Science.

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