How to choose the best Hybrid PGDM course?

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With the changing dynamics in the workplace, companies are looking for professionals who can face challenges effectively and provide effective judgements for the benefit of the company. The Hybrid PGDM course helps in creating experienced world-class managers who solve problems effectively and see new opportunities from these challenges.

Looking at new challenges, the professional courses have blended their way by introducing hybrid education for students. The Hybrid PGDM course helps professionals to understand and grow in the business environment. Pursuing Hybrid PGDM from reputed universities like Welingkar will give them a well-deserved career boost.

Guidelines to decide the best hybrid PGDM course

Before going through the guidelines to choose the best Hybrid PGDM, it is important to know about the course. The WeSchool Hybrid PGDM course is designed for professionals looking to pursue a part-time MBA. This course benefits learning in a blended model. The course provides access to e-learning tools, interaction with industrial experts, industrial visits, workshops, learning from experienced faculties, and several other benefits.

There are many guidelines to choose the best Hybrid PGDM course. Let us understand them in detail.

  • Flexible learning – The major concern for professionals while pursuing any course is time. So, the first criteria while choosing a course is a flexible learning mode, where the students can attend lectures at any time through recorded videos and avail the benefits of weekend classes. The Welingkar Hybrid PGDM Course provides a flexible learning mode for the benefit of its students.
  • Wide options of specialisations – Many people are of the notion that the Hybrid PGDM course won’t provide the same amount of exposure to education as compared to a regular MBA. To break the myth, the Hybrid PGDM course provides all kinds of specialisations as per the requirement. Pursuing the course from a recognised university allows you to explore among different kinds of courses and select the course suited for your career.
  • Easy access to study materials and lectures – It is not possible for professionals to attend all the lectures at the time and place it is conducted because of their professional commitments. So, the  Hybrid PGDM program from the Welingkar Institute of Management provides the opportunity to attend lectures through recorded sessions. The students can easily access these videos and study materials in a digital format and attend their missed lectures at leisure. Ease of attending lectures and access to study materials are crucial while choosing a good Hybrid PGDM course.
  • Industry exposure and learning – One of the main purposes of pursuing the Hybrid PGDM course from a reputed university is to have good industry exposure, increase your professional circle, interact with industry experts, work on real-time business issues, and learn from experienced faculties. These benefits would help you understand the nuances of the corporate world and help you provide proper inputs to your company for reaping good benefits. The more the industry exposure, the greater will be you learn about real-world problems and their solutions.
  • Certification from recognised universities – Several institutions are providing Hybrid PGDM courses, but it is important to choose a renowned and recognised university like Welingkar Institute of Management to pursue this course. A reputed university will act as a strong booster for your professional career. 

The above guidelines would help a professional to choose a good Hybrid PGDM course. The two-year online WeSchool Hybrid PGDM program is a recognised PGDM course available for professionals. With 18 specialisations, the program provides several options for professionals to select a specialisation as per their learning requirements. 

Welingkar Institute of Management provides quality placement assistance to the students through their WeSchool Hybrid PGDM program. The course provides accessible e-learning, and access to study materials, a crisp curriculum as per the industry standards, online & offline industrial training, workshops, and interaction with industrial experts.


With the current dynamics in the workplace, professionals need to adjust and excel at all times. At a certain stage, your professional career may become stagnant. To avoid that, with the support of the WeSchool Hybrid PGDM program, you can easily juggle between your professional and educational commitment. To know more about the WeSchool Hybrid PGDM program, talk to the experienced counsellors who will guide you to the right specialisations. This will make you a confident professional and give a significant boost to your career.


  • Do we need to give entrance exam for Hybrid PGDM Program?

There are no entrance examinations for the Hybrid PGDM Program. The candidates need to fill out the entry form on the program page.

  • How valuable is a Hybrid PGDM Program?

For professionals who can’t leave their regular job for a regular MBA, the Hybrid PGDM Program is a blessing as it provides all the benefits of a regular MBA and gives a good boost to the career.

  • What is the eligibility for the Hybrid PGDM Program?

The minimum eligibility for the Hybrid PGDM Program is being a working professional with a certain work experience and a graduate from a national or internationally recognised university.

  • What jobs can you get with a Hybrid PGDM Program?

There are several jobs which open up after taking this course, it depends on the specialisation chosen by the professional. WeSchool provides good placement assistance in several companies for their students.

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