6 Unique ways our Students can Apply their MBA Learnings in Real Life

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An undergraduate degree is not a sufficient qualification to thrive in the cut-throat competition of the current job market. Employers seek candidates that are qualified as well as skillful enough to help the companies easily achieve their goals. GMAC’s survey shows that almost 77% of US firms plan to hire MBA graduates. Read on to check out some unique ways students apply their Online MBA Course learnings in real life. 

Unique ways in which learnings from Online MBA Programmes that are applied in real-life:

Besides subject knowledge, the Online MBA program instils various soft skills which help the candidates in every way in real life. Here are some ways of applying the skills in real life:

  • Become a good leader in an organisation who understands the subordinates:

An MBA degree teaches working in a team. A good team player can only become a good leader and come up with innovative ideas for achieving organisational goals through collective efforts. Under a good leader, team members learn to trust and help each other and work on their weaknesses to overcome them and stand out in the competitive market.

  • Promote teamwork:

Encourage teamwork in the organisation by encouraging delegation. As a leader, empower others, set goals strategically, and carry out informal checks regularly in the form of impromptu meetings. Even friendly competition can be sponsored to learn the passion, interest, and views of people and ensure workplace empathy. Finally, create an engaging work environment.

  • Analyse a situation and come up with the best strategies:

A business degree helps the candidate master critical analysis skills by which he can better analyse the available information. Predict a situation even before its occurrence through your analytical skills to keep problems at bay. Foresight skills attained in the Online MBA Programmes can help candidates get into job roles related to consultancy, talent acquisition, or management positions.

  • Use your networking skills to grow in your career:

Networking is the key to success in your business career today. Being in contact with the financial analysis, industry experts, alumni and the peer group with extensive professional experience can help you in becoming a competent collaborator. This enhances the scope of getting job offers and contributes significantly to acquiring the right skills.

  • Handle high-pressure situations efficiently :

Professional setups are sometimes stressful, and dealing with them without losing cool is not something everyone can do. MBA helps candidates acquire skills that boost their self-confidence. Overcome challenging situations through multi-tasking and come up with creative solutions. Use your analytical skills for an in-depth understanding of an issue and come up with the best solution for the organisation. 

  • Make decisions by considering all merits and demerits:

A business degree helps a candidate think analytically before making any decision. All the merits and demerits of the situation are considered before making the final call. The MBA programs of reputed institutes like SRM IST are designed to test candidates’ decision-making skills and their presence of mind to gauge how well they handle a critical situation.


Online MBA courses make candidates professionally pragmatic. A sense of logic and dexterity drives them. Thus, they can handle complex tasks wisely. Even though candidates might think that they have all the practical skills that are required to thrive in an organisation, an MBA course hones them and updates their technical and soft skills to perform better.


  1. What jobs profiles are available after an Online MBA?

Top jobs that an Online MBA gets you are:

    • Marketing Manager
    • Sales Manager 
    • HR Manager
    • Finance Advisor
    • Business Analyst
    • Investment Banker
    • Business Development Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Business Consultant
    • Chief Technology Officer


  1. Why should you specialise in an Online MBA programme?

Specialising in an Online MBA programme lets you acquire skills to ensure relevance in the competitive job market and easily get into the higher management roles in your organisation.

  1. What are various career options available for Online MBA graduates?

Career options open for Online MBA graduates include:

    • Project Manager
    • Business Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Advertising Manager
    • Finance Manager
    • Financial Advisor


  1. What is the average salary offered to online MBA graduates?

Based on the job role, the average approximate salary (as per Glassdoor) offered to online MBA graduates falls in the range of INR 3.6 lakhs to 12 lakhs.

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