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It is important to continuously develop one’s skills to advance in one’s career. In most cases, one naturally develops most of the professional skills needed, including time management, leadership, teamwork, and public speaking. However, the one skill that is the trickiest and the most important to develop in the later stages of their career is management. After all, how one manages their employees after reaching a senior managerial position is crucial for them and the organisation.

Thus, IIM Ahmedabad has developed the Accelerated General Management Programme. It aims to develop skills, especially required to take strategic and managerial decisions. This one-year programme promises to give flight to one’s management career. How? Let us learn the five prominent reasons why working professionals pursuing the Accelerated General Management Programme benefit from it.

5 Reasons to Opt for the Accelerated General Management Programme by IIM Ahmedabad

  • The benefit of the perfect virtual and real-life blend

The Accelerated General Management Programme follows a pattern of Blended Learning, wherein students can work with real-life scenarios that allow them to learn by engaging in various interesting activities. Several management techniques and tools are taught throughout this course. They can even learn to apply such techniques and translate them effectively to real life. The course offers the chance for students to think critically and presents them with methods to come up with creative solutions to real-world problems.

Face-to-face interactions and immersive virtual mentor sessions with the eminent faculty will enable students to gather an in-depth understanding of some core concepts, helping in class discussions and the development of various business projects that are part of their curricula. 

  • Eminent faculty and strong foundations

With the expert teachers of those involved in the Accelerated General Management Programme by IIM Ahmedabad, the students will be able to strengthen their base consisting of management theories and concepts. This will, in turn, lead to effective decision making as students will have the power to realise how different functions of the management staff can be instrumental when it comes to leadership styles and tactical decisions regarding planning business designs, communications with the public, etc.

This an advanced course that allows room for learning concepts of organisational behaviour, and consequently, use these to arrive at ways to manage a business effectively. An in-depth understanding will thus enable students to implement new or tried and tested strategies.

  • Networking and specialising 

The Accelerated General Management Programme is most beneficial for working professionals who want to work towards enhancing their managerial techniques. The learning of specialised modern management methodologies can help one gain expertise in the domains of marketing and business analytics.

Additionally, networking among other like-minded working professionals will enable students to expand their horizons and make important connections in the business world. Connections with even the faculty members, who are friendly and open-minded, can go a long way in establishing one’s presence in management.

  • See where you stand!

The Accelerated General Management Programme by IIM Ahmedabad has a very comprehensive evaluation procedure that allows students to be evaluated on all fronts. Exams are taken in a module wise pattern and include online and offline assessments. Offline exams are conducted physically and consist of pen and paper type examinations. A continuous evaluation based on class attendance is also done, and active participation in discussions is also noted and marked.

It encourages students to engage in case study discussions to get more holistic learning with real-life examples. Apart from this, teachers conduct pop quizzes to ensure the clarity of all previously studied concepts.

  • Of alumna and opportunities 

Lastly and importantly, the students who opt for the Accelerated General Management Programme will become a part of the IIM Ahmedabad alumni network. This is, without a doubt, a major deal for every successful student who shall gain this alumni status from an institution of this standing. Thus, overall the course will definitely have tremendous opportunities to learn and grow.

It helps lean about communication between employees and employers, governmental bodies, and third party stakeholders to ensure the smooth functioning of their business in the future. Candidates vying for managerial positions after the completion of this course will be delighted with extensive information on industrial and organisational management methodologies prevailing all around the world.


  • Is the Accelerated General Management Programme in demand?

The Accelerated General Management Programme offered by IIM Ahmedabad is one of the most sought after management postgraduate programmes in India.

  • What are the highest-paying jobs I can get with an Accelerated General Management Certificate?

After the completion of this course, students can go into high paying jobs, such as management consultant, brand manager, project manager, product development manager, and market research manager.

  • What Can I Expect From an Accelerated General Management Programme?

In-depth information on management theories, communication competencies with employees and government, and effective problem solving and decision-making skills based on real-life examples are just some things that one can expect from this programme.

  • What are Admission Requirements for an Accelerated General Management Programme?

A minimum grade of 50% from all secondary and post-secondary degrees, along with a work experience of 5 years, is needed for a candidate to be eligible for this programme.      


The Accelerated General Management Programme will benefit any individual, including aspiring and seasoned managers seeking professional growth, irrespective of their experience. It will arm them with the expertise needed to climb the professional ladder. There’s no reason not to enrol in the course. The reputation of an institute like IIM Ahmedabad precedes its name, and the Accelerated General Management Programme is one of the best courses for general management studies in India.Enrol now for the Accelerated General Management Programme to clear your path towards a bright, prosperous, and growth-oriented career in managerial positions today!

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