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What is HTML?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the coding language used to build websites and online applications. While knowing the foundations of HTML is crucial, creating real HTML projects and obtaining real-world experience are important to improve career prospects. It helps you to validate your information and show prospective employers your abilities. These 14 fantastic HTML projects for beginners include basic static web pages and dynamic and responsive designs that help shape your knowledge of HTML.

HTML Project

Top 14 Ideas For HTML Projects You Should Know About

Here are the 14 best HTML project topics list you can check out in 2024. 

1. The Memorial Page

A tribute page is an easy-to-create yet interesting project that allows you to make a website in memory of someone you love and respect. For this project, you must create one website that pays tribute to a noteworthy individual. 

Practicing the basic HTML building blocks is a great idea for this project. The main parts of a web page will be arranged and laid out for you. You’ll also learn how to include images on the webpage, including a picture of the celebrated individual.

All things considered, this is one of the HTML projects for beginners that aids in familiarization with the fundamentals of creating layouts and content using common HTML elements. It makes an ideal first project for beginners.

2. Survey Form

Building a website with a survey form shows you how to deal with user input validation and HTML form components. The task is to create a website with many field types where visitors may respond to survey questions.

Among the most often used field types are text boxes (which allow users to provide longer-form replies), checkboxes (which allow users to choose one or more options), radio buttons (which allow users to select only one option from a list), and dropdown menus (which allow users to choose just one item).

This HTML project helps create a survey form. It is a great approach to learning HTML forms, decorating form components, and doing basic validation on user inputs.

3. Technical Documentation Website

Pages of technical documentation include all details a person may need to comprehend and operate an item, service, or technology. Building a multi-page website with a primary navigation menu at the top or side is the task at hand. The information will then be divided into logical subjects or categories.

For instance, when documenting how to use a software program, you may include sections for an introduction, installation instructions, an overview of the key features, advanced advice, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting techniques.

This kind of assignment teaches you how to logically divide and arrange your material across many linked pages in a user-friendly manner. This is one of the HTML projects for beginners which gives experience in making menus for navigation that connect between the pages.

4. Personal Portfolio Website

Making your portfolio website is a worthwhile endeavor if you want to be a web developer. Your abilities, personal projects, educational background, employment experience, and other information will all be highlighted on this multi-page website.

The portfolio may be used alone or as an online resume. It is viewable to prospective employers who want to evaluate your skills and the quality of your work.

Building it will provide you with expertise in structuring various pages, such as an About Me, Projects, Resume, and so forth, using HTML. With the CSS abilities you’re learning, you’ll have chances to elegantly design every piece of information.

One crucial component is ensuring that the whole portfolio website looks fantastic and works well on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. For this reason, you must use responsive design strategies.

All things considered, this HTML project combines a lot of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expertise into one all-inclusive project that you can keep improving.

5. Product Landing Page

A product landing page is a specialized single web page intended to promote and discuss particular products or services to encourage visitors to buy them.

With this kind of work, you’ll use HTML and CSS to create a visually appealing and enticing website design that purposefully directs users towards a purchase. Its many parts will include:

  • A header space with well-written marketing content introducing the product
  • Parts emphasizing the main characteristics and advantages
  • Technical characteristics or product specifics; information on pricing and option comparisons
  • Visuals such as excellent product images or demonstration films
  • A clear form or call-to-action to complete the transaction

You’ll gain experience arranging and positioning all the pieces neatly using contemporary CSS layout methods like Flexbox and Grid when you code this landing page. Working on responsive design, you will ensure that the website looks fantastic and is simple to use on any device.

All things considered, it’s an HTML project to learn HTML/CSS based on successfully showcasing and selling a product online.

6. Parallax Scrolling Website

This popular web design technique creates an illusion of depth and dynamism, offering users an engaging and immersive browsing experience. By orchestrating background elements to move at different speeds as the user scrolls, a captivating visual effect is achieved. This task challenges your proficiency in utilizing advanced CSS to craft the parallax scrolling effect, with the potential incorporation of JavaScript for fluid animations. 

Achieving the desired depth perception involves skillfully manipulating z-index values and mastering background placement techniques. Additionally, you may employ JavaScript to detect scroll events and dynamically adjust element positioning. Seize this opportunity to delve into sophisticated CSS concepts such as transitions and transformations, while refining your JavaScript skills to infuse interactivity seamlessly into your web designs.

7. Image Gallery

Mastering the art of working with lists, embedding media files in HTML, and crafting layouts with CSS is essential when building an image gallery. In this project, you’ll create a responsive gallery showcasing thumbnail photos that expand into a sleek lightbox-style overlay upon clicking. Optional enhancements include implementing filters to categorize photos and stylish transition animations. CSS will be instrumental in both decorating the layout and achieving the lightbox effect, while HTML lists or grids will organize the gallery content. 

JavaScript may be necessary for adding filtering or animation functionalities, as well as managing the opening and closing of the lightbox. This assignment offers valuable hands-on experience in working with media files and creating interactive online experiences while reinforcing your understanding of responsive design principles.

8. Event Registration Page

To register for an event, visitors may enter their name, email address, payment information, and other information on an event registration page. Creating this project will provide you with practice in creating forms and carrying out field validation, including making sure the necessary information is supplied and using the right data types. JavaScript may be applied to it to offer capabilities like conditional form fields.

Arranging your HTML form with different input fields, labels, and submit buttons is the first step in creating an event registration page. The style and visual appeal of the form will require CSS. To guarantee users input accurate information before submitting the form, you will also need to employ JavaScript to enable client-side validation. This can include making sure payment information is in the right format, verifying email addresses, and looking for necessary fields.

9. News/Blog Website

Designing a news or blog website offers practical experience in navigation systems, content organization, and search functionality. WordPress is a recommended CMS choice for its versatility and responsive design capabilities. Mastery of theme customization and plugin integration is essential. Additionally, incorporating JavaScript enhances interactivity, such as score tracking in quizzes. Ensure templates for articles, categories, and archives alongside robust search features. For quiz platforms, design question frameworks and intuitive interfaces for user engagement.

To control the logic of the quiz—which includes keeping track of the user’s score, providing feedback on right and wrong answers and maybe adding extras like a leaderboard or timer—you will need to use Javascript. Using server-side technologies like PHP or Node.js to manage user authentication and certification, as well as to store and retrieve quiz results, may also be necessary.

10. Online Quiz Platform

This is one of the more challenging projects. You’ll build a system for taking quizzes or exams online. It will have different question types like multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank. The system needs to keep track of the user’s score. You could add features like a leaderboard or certifications. JavaScript is required to make the quiz interactive.

11. Recipe Website

You can practice page design and content management with a cookery website. The website will be divided into specific parts for every kind of cuisine, including sections with ingredient lists and culinary advice, delicious images, and videos, and maybe search and filter capabilities. Its responsive design is essential to its universal platform usability.

12. Page of E-Commerce Products

Build an interesting and instructive product listing page for an e-commerce site. Along with e-commerce features (such as adding items to a shopping cart or beginning the checkout process), this page should provide product descriptions and price information. Building forms for user input—like delivery details—working with dynamic information, and maybe integrating third-party services via APIs is a great chance to get experience.

13. Interactive CV/Resume

While most resumes are just static PDF files, for this project, you will design an interesting one-page website that functions as an interactive online curriculum vitae (CV). Sections on your resume will include all the usual information, including your contact information, educational background, work experience, and skills. Highlighting your biggest accomplishments using interactive components like popups and dynamic effects might help to make it more engaging.

14. The Real-Time Weather App

Gain hands-on experience integrating external APIs by creating a real-time weather app. Your task involves building a website that fetches meteorological data from an API, automatically detecting or allowing users to select their location, and displaying current weather conditions accordingly. This project necessitates proficiency in conducting API requests, parsing JSON responses, and leveraging JavaScript to dynamically update website content.


In the end, doing HTML projects is a great way for beginners to build real skills and get practical experience with web development. The 14 ideas include simple websites like tribute pages and survey forms, as well as interactive websites like online quizzes and weather apps. Each project lets you practice HTML and related skills like CSS for styling, JavaScript for interactivity, connecting to APIs, and making websites look good on different devices. Completing these projects helps beginners create a portfolio to show employers their abilities. The hands-on practice with different interactive website features provides a solid foundation for continued learning and pursuing a career as a full-stack web developer.

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