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Data Science and Analytics: A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

The digital revolution has created fresh growth opportunities for working executives. A career in data science can revitalize your career, which is possible to begin through the right education. The average salary of a data scientist in India is around INR 6,50,000 per annum(as per YourStory), which is quite handsome compared to many other careers. 

Business leaders nowadays routinely say that data is the new oil. This illustrates the increased importance of data science and analytics. Most of the world’s biggest companies in the world such as Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Alibaba, PayTM, Zomato, Airbnb are driven by advanced data science in many ways. These companies make money by offering reach to various vendors, and that reach is driven by the quality and quantity of the data the company has. Thus, the world of a data scientist today is exciting and big. 

To analyze what a Data Scientist does, in their day-to-day life, let’s break down the tasks data science and analytics is made up of. The work of a data scientist includes:

  • Research, analyze and create statistical models for data analysis. 
  • Work with founders, product and tech teams, sales and marketing,  to understand the startup’s or the company needs and provide the data science to solve the problem
  • Regularly update the way data is created, stored, analyzed, utilized as per the latest technologies. 
  • Present ideas, big and small, to founders and CEOs on how their data science creates fresh business opportunities.
  • Influence product design by outlining research available from data science.
  • Ensure legal and ethical codes are followed in the management of data science.
  • Be comfortable working in advanced data science.
  • Knowing software tools such as Java/Python is an advantage in data science.
  • Play an active role in innovation taking place in the company using advanced data science.

Data science is a vast field too and a person working in this field is not expected to work across all these key result areas. A data scientist is likely to be working at just 2-3 of the above key result areas.

Data Science Degrees: Entering the data science industry

To have a thriving career in data science, one can go for formal education and obtain an M.Sc. in Data Science, Post Graduation in Data Science, or a Data Science Certification Course. Obtaining a data science degree can help you acquire the ticket to get a job in data science. Advanced degrees and masters in data science can help in getting into companies across the world, and be in senior roles. Several data science master’s programs and other courses are available to those who have basic academics with a demonstrated aptitude for statistics. 

Data Science: Key Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered

  • What are the most valuable skills for a data scientist while pursuing data science courses? 
    • As data and analytics departments are huge nowadays, there is a requirement for different skill sets from data scientists. While predominantly, it is preferred that a person is good at programming, analysis, and mathematical models, there is also space for people who can think about creative ideas, professionals from non-tech backgrounds who can guide data science teams towards business goals. 
  • What is the average salary of a data scientist after data science courses
    • The average salaries of a data scientist vary from one company to another. Some industries such as FinTech may pay a lot more than companies in EdTech or AdTech. Due to a huge demand for data science professionals, salaries can rise very quickly for some scientists. 
  • Which data science course would you recommend for beginners? 
  • What is eligibility for a data science course?
    • Each data course has different eligibility.  Selection for data science degrees is made through an application followed by interviews. Here are the usual criteria:
    • A bachelor’s degree that is completed or currently enrolled in is necessary for this program. A minimum 50% CGPA or equivalent is necessary. This must have been from a recognized university.
    • Applicants must have taken mathematics in 10+2. 


Working executives should closely assess if a career in data science can be right for them. Data Science drives success in companies from varied sectors – finance, education, retail being some prominent industries. Apart from these, data is driving sweeping changes across all sectors without exception. In such a scenario, if your aptitude and background allow for it, a course in data and analytics can be right for you and create fulfilling career growth.

The top recommended courses for this would be Advanced Data Science Certificate Program by Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto), Data Science and Analytics for Business by Shiv Nadar University, and Master of Science Degree Programme in Data Science by IU International University of Applied Sciences.

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