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Banking and financial services is a vast industry with immense competition. It frequently ranks higher up in lists of the most desired occupations, and it may be both financially rewarding and a fulfilling dream for any well-educated person.

As a result, if you think this is the career path for you, you’ll need to be at the top of your game to land a sought-after position fit for graduates and postgraduates. Here are a few tips to help you enter the banking and finance industry. 

5 Important Tips to Get into the Banking and Finance Industry 

  • Ensure that this is the right career for you

Unlike many other finance jobs, banking professionals come from various backgrounds. They may be able to use their transferrable talents to move into other related fields later on, like trading, research, or investment banking. Those interested in banking as a career, on the other hand, frequently fit a specific personality type, particularly graduates looking for challenging and perhaps intense work. Understanding if this is the right career for you and what is expected of you from the start might help you stay focused on any banking career prospects that come your way.

  • Choose a profession in banking and finance

There are several job roles for those working in banking. While they share some similarities, they require varying skill sets and personal characteristics. Just as the person in the operational team will be in charge of transaction processing and settlement, you must be a dedicated worker with strong analytical and mathematical abilities.

  • Complete a certification course in banking and finance 

Employers devote significant efforts to training their employees in this sector, although most banking and finance jobs require a Post Graduate Certification Programme in Banking and Finance. You must complete a PG certification program to possess enough knowledge and skills to excel in this industry.

The PG Certificate Programme In Banking & Finance – IIM Trichy is recommended for finance professionals who want to widen their career horizons. Working professionals will gain valuable insight into fee-based financial service functions, how NBFC functions, and numerous aspects of banking and finance. 

  • Look for referrals 

Knowing someone who works in a bank or has experience in banking and financial services is always a good way to start your career in this field. Banks and financial firms prefer and trust candidates who existing employees refer. So, seek referrals from such people, and ask them to refer you as a candidate. 

  • Attend networking events 

Sign up for networking events to connect with top-position employees in this field. These events can provide you with job opportunities and a chance to network with intellectual people. 

Let us explore one of the best banking and finance courses in India offered by IIM Trichy. 

PG Certificate Programme In Banking & Finance – IIM Trichy

PG Certification Programme in Banking & Finance is a one-year multidisciplinary program that intends to develop high-quality academic rigor with specially designed coursework from IIM Trichy’s faculty. Working professionals interested in broadening their views and career horizons would benefit from this course, which provides essential insight into numerous facets of the banking and financial services industry.

B&F - IIM Trichy

Highlights of PG Certificate Programme In Banking & Finance – IIM Trichy

Some prominent highlights of this PG certificate course in banking and finance from IIM Trichy are:

  • After completing this course, students will receive a PG degree and IIM Trichy alumni status. 
  • Involves working on real-world business problems through group projects and case studies and gaining practical experience through simulations
  • Offers direct mentoring from IIM Trichy’s executive education program alumni, faculty, and business specialists 
  • Complete concentration on delivering a thorough understanding of essential banking and finance concepts


A banking and finance course will provide you with firsthand experience in advanced concepts, which will help cement the career path to pursue in financial services. The PG Certification Programme in Banking & Finance- IIM Trichy is a one-year program specifically designed to help you ascend to the next level of your career and upgrade your banking skills.  If you have work experience of 5 years and a minimum of 50% at the graduate or postgraduate level, no one can stop you from upskilling yourself with this world-class degree. 

Admissions to this course are open now. Learn more about the enrollment and admission process here

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I start a career in banking and finance? 

You can begin your career in the banking and finance sector, after your graduation (or post-graduation), by first deciding which job role is most suited for your skills. Then, you must complete a certification course in banking and finance and subsequently interact with professionals to help increase your chances of referrals.

  • What are the subjects in the PG Certificate Programme In Banking & Finance – IIM Trichy?
    • Introduction to financial markets and services 
    • Functioning of banks and other financial firms 
    • Application of IT in banks and financial services 
    • Essential of leadership in banking and financial services 
  • How to enroll for this banking and finance course?

Enroll for IIM Trichy’s banking and finance course by checking if you fulfill the eligibility criteria – completing a graduation certificate from a recognized university with a minimum 50% score and a minimum of 5 years of work experience. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you may pay the required fees and start learning.

  • What is the eligibility for IIM Trichy’s banking and finance course?

Eligibility criteria for PG Certificate Programme In Banking & Finance – IIM Trichy are:

  • Graduation degree from a recognized university
  • Minimum 50% score in graduation
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience

B&F - IIM Trichy

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