3 Unknown Truths about Sandeep Manjrekar

Everyone knows Sandeep in the Housekeeping team @ the Chembur office is a hard working individual, but no one knows that he can outdo his work holisms in ways innumerable. We have listed a few of his quirks, his goodwill standing @ jaro, and a little about his rice plantation in Khed, a small area meant for him in the Konkan region.

Is a Health Freak: Eats home cooked food always!

On 10th Mar, 2016 a reliable source mentioned Sandeep stayed up in the office because he was busy cleaning and maintaining our office @ the 11th floor of Vikas Centre. Even the pigeons we normally ignore on our windows returned home, but he left early morning to his place @ 6:00 am and was back to office by 7:30 am on 11th Mar, 2016 to perform his expected duties. Late at night when he gets hungry, he makes it a point not to have outside food. Instead he gets white bread and makes a sandwich for himself. A healthy quirk he happens to keep even when he has enough to spend on the regular oily outside grub.

Sleeps like a King in the bus

When late nights take over, he tries to go early, and that is when he gets a chance to take his doze of dreams. Dreams are awake in his stupor while travelling in the bus. It gets difficult to wake him up, but he reaches home eventually refreshed to perform duties at home like washing his own clothes, a ritual he performs every day. He awakes @ 4:00 am.

Our BEST is definitely the safest place to get a quick nap, but when someone oversleeps the bus becomes the bed and the awakening is at the bus depot. 🙂

Khed and Rice plantations

Khed, an area on the latitude 17.73 and longitude 73.39 lays his native place where his family grows rice. Not a luxurious plantation, but a comfortable handful that fills the tummy of every family member. He shuttles between Mumbai and Khed when he misses his wife who stays there.

Bala Sir, Sandeep’s boss takes pride in Sandeep’s work as he knows if the task is given to him, it shall complete on time with the extra effort put in to make things simple, flexible and convenient.

Sandeep who has been here for the past 5 years says he is very happy here @ Jaro.

A work done with utmost care without anyone’s intervention!

We love your work, we need your presence!

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jaro education

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