Celebrating Woman Power at Jaro Education


Jaro Education left no stone unturned to make the women employees feel special on their day. All the women were delighted as they were welcomed with a red rose, a chocolate and a greeting card as soon as they stepped in the office. The little purple greeting card read, ‘jaro wishes you a Happy Women’s Day’.

The celebration did not end here. Jaro Education took further efforts to thank each woman employee personally. The respective managers spoke about their good qualities and valuable contribution to the organization. The teammates spoke about each other too.

By the end of the day, there was a celebration where all the employees assembled together. All the pretty ladies were dressed up in pink. A beautiful audio visual was played which had a message for all the women to stay strong and powerful. There was music and dance, followed by cake cutting. It made the women feel elated.

It is not just celebrating a gender, but appreciating strength, strong will-power and untiring spirit. It is about being grateful for the abundant care and wholehearted support.


jaro education
jaro education

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