About Swiss School of Management (SSM)

Founded in the last century, the Swiss School of Management (SSM) is an internationally accredited institute of higher education in Switzerland. In 2002, SSM established its Head office in Switzerland as it moved operations to the eternal city of Rome, Italy where it continues to successfully operate today. Swiss School of Management enables benefits for students from the EU policy which grants them the ability to explore, travel and work without a visa in 27 member countries among the European Union. 

Swiss School of Management allows foreign students to be closely followed by instructors and staff members. The SSM is spreading its networking presence by opening more learning centers in Dubai (UAE), Bahrain (GCC), Cairo (Egypt) and Brescia (Italy).

Discover the Global Advantage of learning from the Swiss School of Management

  • Accredited by the Ministry of Education & Research of Italy
  • Accredited by CHEA-Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • A UNESCO approved Institution, through the International Association of Universities
  • Certified Accreditation of International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)
  • EduQua Certified
Swiss School of Management

FAQ's - Swiss School of Management (SSM)

Following are the advantages:
  • The SSM has accredited high academic standards. The DBA Degree- Swiss School of Management is fully accredited and quality certified.
  • SSM is recruiting high calibre students globally.
  • Swiss School of Management opens door to international opportunities for a rich learning experience, exposure to cultural diversity, and personal growth.
  • The Swiss School of Management helps professionals to transcend into leaders.

All participants will get a prestigious Doctor degree of the international standard after completing the academic criteria of the Swiss School of Management – Doctor of Business Administration Degree.

The Swiss School of Management brings a 2-year Doctor of Business Administration Degree divided into 4 semesters and 120 ECTS credits.

  • The Swiss School of Management- Doctor of Business Administration Program has a blend of online lectures, web-based learning, blended learning, and work-based study.
  • The Doctor of Business Administration degree is delivered in a practice-oriented study model which channels seamless learning for professionals or aspirants who want to upskill in the field.
FAQs - Swiss School of Management - Doctor of Business Administration Degree