Jaro education is an autonomous institute providing International MBA program in association with Ulyanovsk State University, Russia and URAL Federal University, Russia. Apart from International programs, Jaro also provides post graduate programs in management in association with several reputed Indian Universities like NMIMS University, ALLIANCE University and Bharthiar University through online/distance mode. EINS education, a group company of jaro education provides post graduate management program in association with Wellingkar Institute of Management (Mumbai) through online /distance mode.

Jaro education has multiple certifications from authorities like: United Kingdom Certification Service (UKAS) through ACS Registrars Certification Service for Certifying Bodies (ASCB) through Nimbus Certifications Association Of New Zealand (JASANZ) through Max Certifications It does not have any accreditations from the Distance Education Council, UGC, AICTE or any otherIndian educational body.

jaro education does not claim any responsibility of accuracy of the information provided on any other website or blog about jaro education or its programs. Contact the Admissions Dept at 022-61439718 for questions about the accreditation of jaro education.

Disclaimer :

This website provides general information about jaro education, its programs and services, and summarizes those major policies and procedures as related to students. For further information about general and specific details and requirements of programs and services, students should consult with the appropriate discipline, division, or other service unit. jaro education attempts to provide accurate updated information and advisement, but the student is ultimately responsible for planning and carrying out a program of study leading to a post-graduate degree. jaro education reserves the right to change or delete, supplement or otherwise amend at any time the information, requirements, and policies contained herein and related here to NC Letter.