Truths About Employee Engagement And Retention

With bottom-line being the buzzword, few organizations invest in employee engagement and retention factors after their recruitment drive. This is driven by behavioral practice in the course of working. Hence, retention and engagement becomes a challenge that has a multifold approach necessary for sustainable and progressive career growth.

Leaders are the quintessential pivots and liaisons that an organization needs. They are the problem solvers and heads of all ventures. This creates a requirement for a leader to be responsible, self aware and at par with industry values and ethics. It is important that firms develop work culture and environment for leaders to foster within the current framework. The support and motivation from higher levels will help employees to perform, lead and strive for sustainable value creation.

National statistics mark the recent growth in women participants in the Indian labor force, with percentages rising [1] from 13% to 14.7% in the past 2 years. However, the stats in relation to the population of educated women are an eye opener that there’s still a long way to go. What is even more disturbing is the drop in women at managerial levels [2] is 86 to 79% as we climb up the hierarchy. There is a transparent barrier that prevents the idea of women at the top managerial levels. The wage gap is yet another pressing factor. Hence, any organization that wants to achieve well rounded success will have to create avenues to best represent their workforce diversity. Equal opportunities for men and women are the need of the hour.

Motivation is a skill that helps a workforce to grow not only as individuals but also manifest in the growth of the organization. Hence, it is important for any management to value and appreciate their employees. Keep employees from overworking on unnecessary details and make assessment easier with clearly pointed out information regarding the task at hand and the desired achievable. Added bonus? Employees will be driven to reach the goal and be content at doing the same. This will create a sustainable work process that creates employee satisfaction and ultimately retention. Every employee should feel valued and appreciated along with rightful compensation for their efforts. When all the above factors are in place a firm can give professionals the opportunity to aspire for better career benchmarks. Development and evolution of skills not only ensure solid credentials for them but also instill a sense of trust in the audience. Help new professionals with their teamwork and organizational culture assisting them to build successful working relationships with their managers. Aid them in developing a well-mapped career path, including short-term objectives that serve as milestones. For conditioned employees newer opportunity generation is important to prevent a rut.

Any organization depends on the expertise and engagement of its employees to develop. Hence it is important that firms provide benefits for an employee to evolve and grow the skills they’ll need. This in turn will further the organization making it a well balance ecosystem.


  1. IMF Working Paper Sonali Das, Sonali Jain-Chandra, Kalpana Kochhar, and Naresh Kumar
  2. Aarti Shyam Sunder, Alixandra Pollack, Dnika Travis, “India Inc: From intention to Impact” 2015
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