How to build a career in the Education Sector

Welcome to the world of education. The most dynamic and satisfying field for an eternal learner. If you’re seeking a career in this sector, let us tell you a bit about the opportunities awaiting you.  India has 1.4 Million Schools which may turn into your future workplace.  227 Million Students whom you can potentially teach and empower. With the advent of the internet, E-learning modules are turning into huge markets with India as the second largest market trailing the US.  Flexible distance learning education is growing at 34% each year.

On a personal level, It is truly compassionate of you to return the gift of education to those in need. Acquiring knowledge is an unending process as we open ourselves to new ideas, views, perspectives, and opinions on a daily basis. The best way to do the same is by keeping our minds and ears open.

Sector Decoded

Either you can teach or aid in the learning of students by supportive careers in Operations, Public Relations, Counseling to name a few.

With the aim of pursuing Education as a career, we list down ways on how you can build your career in the same

Relevant Knowledge in varied subjects

Share examples, case studies and personal experiences if relevant in explaining the subject matter to your students. Try and add humor to your content, that’s when you’ve won your student’s attention. Give them projects or assignments which shall make them fully understand the topic

Passion for educating young minds

You need to have the drive to educate open minds. They’re all for learning and you need to identify when to bombard them with the maximum information they can process.

Recruiting Students and Teachers for an organization

The key is hiring the right talent to represent your organization, the teachers, who will build the school’s image and be the drivers of knowledge. Similarly, good students who show honesty, ability in character.

Lecturer / Tutor / Presenter in Class

You’re the main lead. Shine through your sessions and teach students compassion while imparting regular lessons.

Operations and Administration

Behind the scenes is your domain. Yet you’re one of the most important teams in the execution of daily activities. You run the university and ensure smooth function across teams.

Public Relations

You shout out from the rooftops about how popular the school is. You’re responsible for making it a brand.

Content / Study Material Writer

You’re one of the most important contributors as you decide the course material, contents, and design the syllabus. Your knowledge will be carried in exam papers and decide the fate of the student.

Examiner / Invigilator

The examiner has to mark the exam sheets of each student. Your evaluation of the answers and ability to rate the content will decide the student’s performance


Your key responsibility is to direct students towards the right career path, customized to match their respective talents.

Charity / NGO Teachers

If you’re full of love for the society, please do work at an NGO at some point of your career. To give without any expectations is the greatest way to live.

We thank you for investing your time in this article. The efforts will result in fulfilling days.You’re molding minds directly or indirectly and helping mankind to stay informed, equipped and gifted.

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jaro education

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