5 Myths about Online Education

5 Myths about Online Education

It was over a decade ago that the first online course was made available. Since then there have been many misconceptions floating around about online education. Comparisons have been made between traditional styles of learning and online methods. But the concept of learning at home is not new and has existed long before online education in the form of “correspondence courses”.  Today, traditional universities, such as Stanford and Harvard, have promoted accredited, online Ph.D. degree and professional degree programs like the part time MBA. With these top institutes backing online education, the concern about it seems to be dissolving.

So, here are a few myths and misconceptions about online education that are still prevalent and we intend to bust them in today’s article.

Myth #1: You’re on your own

Somehow people think that you won’t receive any support when pursuing online education. This myth doesn’t add up because the online method seeks to connect the tutor and student like never before. You become a part of the online learning community where you can talk to other students, trade notes and ask for help when you need it. Just because you don’t meet in a classroom doesn’t mean that professors aren’t there to help. If you need advice you send an email, talk to them over the phone or video call them –there are all sorts of ways to connect.

Myth #2: It isn’t engaging

This myth is a popular one and associates online education as a hands-off approach to learning. It can be scary to think that feedback isn’t available but this is not true. You’re still in a class with students and you can communicate throughout the week instead of waiting until lectures begin. In fact, there are more discussions in an online classroom than traditional ones. Don’t believe us? Many Institutes all over India have adopted a hybrid learning model. They combine online lectures with various offline events and gatherings to engage students. The ‘Online Education India 2021’ research states that Hybrid channels have “improved engagement levels” via their part time courses like MBA, PGDM, and technology courses.

Myth #3: Not every subject can be taught online

This is a popular misconception, too. It may have held some truth a decade ago, but technology has advanced since then and almost any subject can be taught online. The University of Washington has a course on Public Speaking, a skill that requires applied learning. But this is taught online through video lessons, allotted reading material and quizzes. It was one of their more popular courses and is freely available for anyone to pursue. Even something as renowned as an MBA course or performing arts like dance can be pursued part time.

Myth #4: I need to have expert knowledge of computers

There’s no reason to be a master at computers to learn online. All you need is basic computer knowledge since most actions are completed with a simple mouse click. The majority of courses have online induction packages that get your pc, laptop or other devices ready for learning. These guide you through the steps needed to set up the software. Not only that, but you receive full technical support from the support team throughout your online learning journey.

Myth #5: Online courses don’t help with getting a job

‘Online education in India 2021’ very simply states that professionals will need to stay relevant in the job market to increase their employability. Furthermore, online education will evolve the concept of continuous learning and soon become the mainstream option in relevant education.

Lastly, the course that will likely increase employability in tier 2 cities is the previously mentioned part time MBA courses, as stated in the research paper. Jaro Education provides a range of these kinds of courses as well as technology programmes to professionals and students alike. Visit the website to find out more.

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