About Shiv Nadar University

In 2011, Shiv Nadar Foundation established Shiv Nadar University, a multidisciplinary, student-centric and research-focused university. The Shiv Nadar University is spread across a modern 286-acre campus, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, offering a perfect environment that enables holistic growth. The University was presented as a “Gift to the Nation”, accepted by the President of India in 2016.

Shiv Nadar University’s esteemed faculty body has a track record in mentorship, teaching and world-class research in their respective fields. The University has been chosen as an Institution of Eminence by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. It is one of only ten private institutions in India to have received this prestigious recommendation, enabling it to emerge as a world-class Teaching and Research Institution.

Learn from an Institution of Eminence, enroll with  Shiv Nadar University.

Shiv Nadar University Key highlights

  • 5 Schools
  • 250+ Faculty Members
  • 42 Programs Offered
  • 36 Departments
  • 2200 Students
  • 3000Cr. Investment
  • 286 Acre Campus
  • 30+Sport Facilities

Time to pursue one of the new-age programs:

  • MBA (Executive) Degree
  • Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Business (DSAB)
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FAQ's - Shiv Nadar University

The following is the snippets of achievement- Shiv Nadar University:
  • What are snippets of achievement from Shiv Nadar University?
    • 187-Peer-reviewed in entire faculty career
    • 196-Conference presentations in faculty career
    • 38- Peer-reviewed with Shiv Nadar University affiliation
    • 64-Conference presentations with Shiv Nadar University affiliation
The following is the salient feature of Shiv Nadar University.
  • Top-tier faculty
  • Specialized Courses on new age transformative topics such as Design Thinking, Blockchain, AI, Financial Engineering, and Digital Strategy
  • Embedded with world-class eLearning elements
  • Top-quality business simulations, Coursera course integration, and Harvard case studies
  • Interdisciplinary Environment
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Individual Development Tracks
  • The Shiv Nadar University – MBA (Executive) Degree is of 2-year program structured to empower working professionals with key insights on management.
  • Data Science and Analytics for Business program from Shiv Nadar University is 8 months certification program that enables professionals to gain technical data science prowess.
  • The Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Business (DSAB) is delivered in weekend lectures mode.
  • The Shiv Nadar University- MBA (Executive) Degree is in blended learning mode which enhances learners experience.
The on-campus facilities includes:
  • The 120,000 sq. ft. indoor sports complex
  • Access to Library resources and research journals
  • Residence facilities available
  • Weekday Evenings & Weekend Classes
FAQs - Shiv Nadar University