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Course Duration
12 Months
Application End Date
30th November, 2022
Programme Start Date
To Be Announced
Session Timing
06:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Programme Overview

Learn to revolutionise Fintechs using Blockchain technology from India’s top-tier business management school, IIM Kozhikode’s Professional Certificate Programme in Block Chain and Financial Technology. This one-of-a-kind programme aims to methodically build the knowledge and skill set required in both finance and technology, with no assumptions made about the participant’s prior advanced knowledge. The programme will cover the key technologies enabling FinTech – AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Management; the various FinTech services – Payments, Digital Wealth Management, Alternative / P2P Lending, Cryptocurrencies, Robo / Algorithm-trading, InsurTech, Open Banking, and other emerging themes; and the required skill sets – financial modelling (spreadsheet), programming for algo-trades or blockchain, pitch presentation for fund-raising and creative thinking for innovation.

Programme Highlights


Certificate of completion - IIM Kozhikode


IIM Kozhikode - Executive Alumni Status


120 Hours of Live Online Interactive


Hands-on & Case-study Oriented


Lectures by Industry Experienced IIM Faculty

Limited Intake Programme


Hands-on Workshops

Admission Criteria

Academic Requirement

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent (10+2+3 or 10+2+4) or Integrated Masters’ Degree (10+2+5).

Work Experience

  • Relevant work experience of a minimum of 2 years after completion of qualifying education from any of the above.

Syllabus Breakdown

  • Overview - FinTech & Market Size, What is FinTech, Evolution, 4Ms of FinTech, The Big Bang Event; Case Studies of India and China; ABCD of FinTech, FinTech Ecosystem.
  • Drivers of FinTech – Millennials’ Attitude towards Financial Advice, Risk Aversion, Social Impact, Trust in FinTech, Choice Architecture, Technology Boom, Types of Innovation – Radical vs Incremental.
  • Regulations - The Regulation Innovation Tradeoff, Emergence of FinTech, RegTech.
  • FinTech Adoption - Global Consumer Adoption; SME Adoption; Innovator Adoption.
  • Robo-Advising, Market Size, Finance Apps & Receptivity, Robo-Advisors, Insurtech Market, Incumbents Strategies & Role of Technology.
  • Mean, Variance, Standard deviation, Regression, Portfolio risk and return concept, Introduction to Econometrics in Finance. Non linear regression,  Introduction to Calculus, minimisation and maximisation for linear and non linear model.
  • Tableau, R-Shoney and Excel data visualisation techniques for the Various Financial Data.
  • Factor Analysis, Cluster and Discriminant Analysis.
  • History of Payment Systems, Current Trends, Payment Process, UPI, Cost burden for Merchants, Introduction to Regulations – Global & India, Future of Payment Systems, Case Studies.
  • Alternative Lending
  • Traditional vs P2P vs Alternative vs Marketplace Lending, Evolution of Lending, Overview of Online Marketplace Lending (OML), Requirements, P2P Lending, Consumer Credit Landscape, Student Loan Debt, Small Business Lending.
  • Crowdfunding
  • Importance of Debt-based Crowdfunding, Overview of Digital Crowdfunding Technology, Learning from the Crowd, Impact Investing, SEBI Whitepaper.
  • Open Banking
  • APIs; Closed vs Open Banking, Integrators, Producer; Distributor, Platform Models of Open Banking.
  • Artificial Intelligence & FinTech
  • AI Techniques and Tools, Introduction to Search Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) , Fuzzy Logic Systems (FLS), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Introduction to Expert Systems (ES) , Robotics, Reinforcement Learning (RL), Deep Learning (DL), AI in Financial Services: Present and Future Applications.
  • Risk Management Process, Financial Derivatives – Futures & Options, Credit Rating, Use of R/Python for Credit Scoring, Machine Learning Algorithm for Credit Underwriting, Fraud Detection.
  • InsurTech
  • Disruption cases; Sources of Growth; Strategies for Incumbent Insurance. Players, Insurance Marketplace of Future.
  • Digital Wealth Management
  • Personal Financial Planning, Gamifying Personal Financial Goals, Estate Planning, Financial Products for Retail & HNW Investors.
  • Algorithm Trading
  • Expected Returns, Standard Deviations and Correlation, Building an Efficient Portfolio, Diversified Investments, ETFs, Difference between Pure Advisors & Robo Advisors, Stock Selection, Fundamental Analysis – Manager Performance, Screening, Neural Networks, Smart Beta. Use of R/Python to design an algorithm trade.
  • Simulation of Derivatives: Option’s Greek Letters Delta, Vega, Rho,  Gamma, Simulation in Replacement and Maintenance, Simulation of inventory, optimum cash holding and inventory.
  • RegTech
  • How and Why to Regulate Fintech, Due Diligence, Marketing and Design Considerations, Data Storage, Customer Complaints, Credit Analysis, Trader Surveillance, Risk Monitoring, Change Management.
  • Personal Finance Analytics using MS-Excel – Goal Planning, What-if Analysis, Time Value of Money, Project Feasibility Analysis.
  • Capital Market Analytics using R/Python – Stock Simulation, Portfolio Risk & Return Analysis, Modern Portfolio Theory, CAPM, Sharpe Ratio, Optimum Portfolio Construction, Bond Pricing & Analytics, Option Pricing & Analytics.
  • Financial Data Visualisation – KPI Dashboards
  • Data Science (Big Data) & FinTech: Applications, Data Science and Big Data in Industry Practice, Introduction to Machine Learning.
  • Cloud & FinTech: Why Cloud? Cloud Deployment Models; Cloud Providers; Digital Identity – Categories, DI Standard Setting Bodies.
  • Blockchain & FinTech: Blockchain fundamentals – Immutability, Hashes, Blocks, Transaction Flow, Permissioned vs Non-permissioned; Demo of
  • Blockchain and Hash creation.
  • Introduction to Internet of Things (IOT); Web 3.0; 5G
  • Financial Optimisation, Capital Budgeting, Supply Chain optimisation, Portfolio with large no of stocks optimisation, Optimising multiple goal along with financial aspect, Material Management.
  • Behavioural aspect of Fintech, Prospect theory, Anchoring, Overoptimism, Disposition, Momentum, Mental Accounting.

  • Costing, Various aspects of pricing, Economics of competition, Conjoint Analysis, Revenue Management.

  • IT, and encryption in financial transactions. Govt. rules and regulation in safeguarding individuals from various form of financial transactions. Growing digital payment platform and vulnerability. Onsite transactions and threats to privacy and security.

  • BlockChain and Crypto, Regulations, Advantage, and Disadvantages, Types of Crypto, Crypto in different countries, Factor behind Crypto growth, Crypto and financial transactions.

  • Taxation relating to Crypto and Bitcoin by various countries.

  • An understanding of Altcoins, Defi growing opportunities and challenges. 

  • Approaches of Govt. of different countries towards crypto and Bitcoin.  Govt efforts to regulate them. Prospect of Formulation and circulation. Digital currency. Spurious cryptocurrency, growing challenges in differentiating various crypto and bitcoin. Entry and exit barriers of introducing crypto and Bitcoins. Cases and incidents of frauds and scams relating to them.

  • Strategy changes, business model innovation, product and process innovation, and organisational innovation within a layer of newer technologies, including cases and examples.

12 Months
Intake Programme
Online Mode
Case Studies

Note : The in-person sessions like Campus Immersions are subject to prevailing government rules pertaining to the pandemic. Jaro Education/Institute will keep all candidates updated accordingly.

Programming Languages and Tools Covered


About IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode has pioneered the Interactive-Learning (I-L) Programme for working executives in India. The interactive learning programme started with 300 class contact hours in 2001-02, the two-year-long Executive Management Education Programme is today the most rigorous available in the country having around 738 class contact hours.
The institute moved to its new campus in January 2003 and the number of programs increased manifold with this step. The training activity is expected to witness further growth with the latest 64 room executive hostel and the construction of a modern 200-bed management development complex. The Institute today is a leader in Faculty Development Programmes (FDP), conducting the largest number of programmes (18) totalling 20 weeks in 2008-09, and is the major QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) Centre of the All Indian Council of Technical Education, in the field of management education.

Top B-School in India (Source: NIRF 2022)

Best B-School India (Source: ARIIA 2021)

Director’s Desk

Note: The above given is an indicative list of programme faculty members and is subject to change as per IIM Kozhikode’s discretion.

Programme Certification

Upon accomplishing the evaluation criteria and satisfying the requisite attendance criteria participants will be awarded by ‘Certificate of Completion’.
However, if participants are unable to clear the evaluation criteria but have requisite attendance will be awarded a ‘Participation Certificate’.
Sample certificate

Programme Structure

Programme Fee
Fee Structure
Application Fee
INR 2,000/-
Total Programme Fee
INR 2,60,000/- + GST
(excluding application fees)
Installment Structure
Installment Structure
Booking Amount
INR 90,000/- + GST
(7 Days from the date of offer)
1st Installment
INR 85,000/- + GST
2nd Installment
INR 85,000/- + GST
  • Any change in any of the applicable taxes during the tenure of the programme, to be borne by the participants
  • Application fee is not included in the Installment pattern

Admission Process

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I receive IIMK Alumni status?
  • Yes! Participants will be awarded the prestigious IIM Kozhikode alumnus tag after completing the programme requirements.
  • The Alumni fee will be decided by the Alumni office only and will be directly collected by IIMK.
  • This will happen only when the applications for “Executive Alumni” will be approved by the competent authority, IIM Kozhikode.
What is the mode of programme delivery?

Professional Certificate Programme in BlockChain and Financial Technology would be delivered via 120 hours of Live Online Interactive sessions from eminent IIMK faculty and industry experts.

Will IIM Kozhikode issue me a certificate of completion?

Participants are eligible to get a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from IIM Kozhikode after they successfully meet the evaluation criteria and satisfy the requisite attendance criteria.

What is the total programme fee for IIM Kozhikode-Professional Certificate Programme in BlockChain and Financial Technology?

Total programme fee is INR 2,60,000/- + GST (excluding application fees).

Who must attend the Professional Certificate Programme in BlockChain and Financial Technology- IIM Kozhikode?
  • This interdisciplinary programme assists professionals to unlock the nuances of fintech and blockchain technology. 
  • Professionals working in fields such as:
    • Junior to Top-Level Executives from BFSI
    • Junior to Top-Level Executives from IT companies
    • Junior to Top-Level Executives from the PE, VC & Investing Firms
    • Academicians and Researchers in the area
    • Entrepreneurs in the technology and finance space
    • Post-graduate Students from Finance

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