Joint International PG Certification Programme In

Cybersecurity Managementand Data Science

From the best academic blend of institutes

IIM Nagpur and The University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology

Duration : 12 Months
Mode : Direct to Device (D2D)
Fee : INR 2,03,500/- + 18% GST
(EMI starts at INR 6,306/- onwards)

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Programme Overview

In the digital age, the proliferation of cyber heists and cyber-attacks are rising— to protect tomorrow’s enterprises from cyber threats, professionals must understand, plan, prepare, manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Move forward in the cybersecurity field by leveraging one of its kind joint international PG Certificate Programme in Cybersecurity Management and Data Science. Through a futuristic pedagogical lens, this interdisciplinary hybrid techno-managerial programme enriches professionals (senior to middle management roles) with foundations of cybersecurity management and strengthens their management credentials.

Participants at the end of the programme will transform into better decision-makers in cybersecurity field because of the following features: –

  • Cybersecurity Managerial communication and decision making with hands-on/simulated diverse tool-based experience using case studies
  • Around 30% of the programme will be delivered by industry and academic experts from reputed organizations/universities from abroad
  • Great exposure to cybersecurity technical and managerial practices by industry leaders from India and Abroad
  • Special focus on leveraging AI and data science for better cybersecurity management

Reinvent the modern business ecosystem using the power of cybersecurity Management with a blend of Data Science, AI Techniques. Significantly transcend into Hybrid techno-management professionals.

Programme Highlights


Joint International PG Certification from IIM Nagpur and The University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology


Hands-on exposure to relevant tools and techniques


Learn from International Faculty and Industry Practitioners

cyber-security icon

Insight on real-time business and cybersecurity problems


Proven Pedagogical Methods

Chamber consulting

Chamber consulting sessions

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop deep knowledge in National and International standards cybersecurity regulations and data protection laws
  • Leverage hands-on experience with cybersecurity control frameworks and regulations
  • Builds your Hybrid Techno-functional managerial skills
  • Detect threats and mitigate the cyber destructions and manage vulnerabilities
  • Acquire key insights on the cybersecurity tools and techniques
  • Nurture a coordinated team to monitor, act, manage and respond to cyber-attacks
  • Learn to visualize cyber datasets and data logs using effective dashboards
  • Equip opportunities of AI automation in cybersecurity systems, defensive and offensive approaches to cybersecurity
  • Enable key data-driven story-telling skills and present to the management and public stakeholders


  • Joint International PG Certificate Programme in Cybersecurity Management and Data Science has pedagogy filled with real-time business and cybersecurity problems and their solution through analytical and investigative thinking.
  • The pedagogical mix consists of lectures, case-based discussions and hands-on training from IIM Nagpur’s eminent faculty body.
  • Each cybersecurity technique and concepts will be taught using relevant use cases. Learn from notable industry practitioners and academics from both technical and management backgrounds.
  • Participants will gain hands-on experience in tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Jupyter notebook, Nmap, Nessus, GFI LanGuard, burp suite and other cybersecurity tools and scanners, etc.

Hands-on Exposure to tools such as:

Cyber Security new-age tools

Eligibility for PG Certificate in Fintech Course

  • Minimum 50% in graduation from a recognized university (national or international)
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience
  • Specific domain / industry: IT or IT Services/BFSI

Specimen Certificate

Target Audience

This executive program is for senior executives and middle-level managers desiring to improve their cybersecurity management skills through data analytics and enable them to inculcate and drive cybersecurity initiatives at organizational levels.


  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience

Programme Details

Application Fee Total Programme Fee
(exclusive of Application Fee)
INR 2,006/- (including GST) INR 2,03,500/- + 18% GST
1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment
INR 70,000/- INR 65,000/- INR 65,000/-

12 Months

Direct to Device (D2D)

  • Day: Sunday
  • Session timings: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Chamber Consultation Sessions: For every course

*The Virtual Live Classrooms and Campus immersions are subject to prevailing government rules

4 Days campus visit at the end of the programme

Application Fee Total Programme Fee
INR 1,700 + 18% GST INR 2,25,000 + 18% GST
1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment
INR 85,000 + 18% GST INR 70,000 + 18% GST INR 70,000 + 18% GST
    • 2 Way Interactive Lectures via HD Virtual Classrooms
      • Sundays 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    • 1 Campus visit* of 3 days (Towards end of the Programme)

*The Virtual Live Classrooms and Campus immersions are subject to prevailing government rules

  • Any change in any of the applicable taxes during the tenure of the programme, to be borne by the participants
  • Boarding and Lodging during campus visit provided by IIM Nagpur
  • Application fee is not included in the Installment pattern

Programme Curriculum

IIM Nagpur is paving a new learning path towards building a spectacular career in the FinTech industry. The curriculum module consists of a blend of lectures, case discussions, project work, assignments, term papers, etc. This programme will prepare you for leadership on the global stage in the FinTech industry.

Programme Content

Foundations of cybersecurity
  • Foundation of cybersecurity by providing general awareness and cybersecurity challenges using real-time case studies and simulation exercises.
  • Security Design
  • Foundations in Practice
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Data Science and AI approach for cybersecurity
  • Through the eyes of a Cyber Attacker
Cybersecurity Management
  • Introduction to modern enterprises and business models
  • Fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity dimensions (people, organizations, system, and networks)
  • Understand the human aspect of cybersecurity and the role of non-technical resources in protecting Cyber-Systems
  • Web Application Security
  • Cyber domain attacks and protection
Cybersecurity Management with Effective organization Communication
  • Importance of communication and strategic planning
  • Bottom-up and top-down verbal/written communications in organizations for cybersecurity management.
  • Building effective data storytelling from existing data.
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Trust strategy to avoid becoming a hostage
Cybersecurity Risk Management and Incident Response
  • Concepts of analyzing risk and cyber-attacks
  • Managing and responding to cybersecurity risks
  • Modern-day Cloud Computing
  • Dealing with Data Breach
Team Management
  • The process of group decision making during the situation of crisis
  • Characteristics of high-performance remote teams
Regulation & Governance in cybersecurity
  • Role of leadership and governance structure for effective cybersecurity management
  • Data Protection Laws and cybersecurity regulations
Cyber Systems tools & techniques
  • Hands-on training in cybersecurity tools and technologies required for managing modern cyber systems
  • Different tools and vulnerability scanners are available on the dark web
Data Science and AI in cybersecurity
  • Introduction to the frontiers of data science and artificial intelligence
  • Leverage data science methods and techniques for protecting their cyber systems
On-Campus – 4 Days
  • Real-time experience of protecting cyber systems in simulated environments and synthesizing their learning with the help of a project


Certificate - CDS

Programme Directors


Dr. Kapil Kaushik

Faculty in the area of decision science and information systems at IIM Nagpur

Dr. Kapil Kaushik is a faculty in the area of decision science and information systems at IIM Nagpur. Prior to joining IIM Nagpur, he was associated with the Infosys analytics unit as an associate data scientist, wherein he worked on projects and solutions related to forecasting, assortment planning, optimization, anomaly detection, and text analytics. He has completed his FPM in information systems management from IIM-Indore. His teaching interest includes text mining, data analytics, and marketing analytics. His research interest includes customer engagement at digital platforms, sports sponsorship, e-commerce, and data science for public policy.


Dr. Magesh Nagarajan

Faculty member in the Decision Science and Information Systems Area at IIM Nagpur

Dr. Magesh Nagarajan is a faculty member in the Decision Science and Information Systems Area at IIM Nagpur. Prior to joining IIMN, Magesh has taught at Coventry University (UK). He worked as a researcher in the University of Southampton (UK) and United Nations University (Germany) applying simulation modelling and analytics in public sector problems. He has also worked with IBM Ltd., Bengaluru as an Applications Programmer. A member of the Operational Research Society of United Kingdom, Operational Research Society of India, International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology, and the Indian Society for Technical Education, Dr. Nagarajan has to his credit an array of research papers and conference presentations.


Yes, all the participants will receive a joint international PG Certificate from IIM Nagpur and FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis after completing the programme requirements.

  • Here are the eligibility criteria for the programme in Cybersecurity and Data Science:
    • The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from a reputable university
    • Minimum 5 years of work experience

The joint international PG Certification Programme in Cyber Security and Data Science equips professionals with foundations of cybersecurity management and strengthens their key managerial skills during the span of 12 months programme duration.

The most sought after joint international PG Certification from IIM Nagpur and FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis is delivered in Direct to Device mode of learning.

The programme fee for this PG Certification from IIM Nagpur and FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis is INR 2,03,500 + 18% GST.

About IIM Nagpur

Established in 2015, the Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIMN) aspires to be a leading management institution that shapes management systems, policy and governance through high-quality education, research and industry engagement. Propelled by the pursuit of engaged scholarship, the Institute aims to create value-driven leaders and global managers with strong conceptual foundations and analytical approach, which helps them excel in diverse spheres – be it management, business, policy making, and public administration, to name a few.
IIM Nagpur’s aim is to address the needs of a modern India; connecting aspirations and realities to attain benchmarks that are respected internationally. Our motto, सत्यं च स्वाध्यायप्रवचने च, that is, an inspired journey towards truth through individual reflection and collective discourse, propels our quest to bridge the gap between abstract knowledge and practice.
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The University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology

The University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology is an advanced technology and research organization that serves as the front door to the research infrastructure and innovation capabilities of the University of Memphis. It functions as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and innovation in emerging technologies by supporting cross-campus research innovation clusters. These clusters focus on areas such as intelligent systems, drones, cybersecurity testing, biologistics, autonomous vehicles, robotics, agriculture and food technologies, smart biomaterials, electric vehicles, additive manufacturing, and precision medicine.

Contact Details

Program Manager Email Id Phone Number
Anand K 9043001261

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